First Look: the 35-pound Orbea Rise eMTB

First Look: the 35-pound Orbea Rise eMTB

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

Every year the bicycle world seems to come up with the next big thing. Hyperbole rules each of these new product launches. At Contender Bicycles, we are confident that the Orbea’s Rise full suspension eMTB will truly be a game-changer.

Gone are the days of heavy eMTBs weighing over 50 pounds. Orbea's Rise impresses with its lightweight design. The flagship model, the Rise M-LTD, weighs just 35 pounds, slightly heavier than typical full suspension bikes. Inspired by the Orbea Occam's suspension, the Rise combines the latest Shimano EP8-RS motor with Fox suspension (150mm front / 140mm rear travel), offering a ride reminiscent of the Occam—playful yet stable. While its remarkable lightness is notable, the Rise boasts many other impressive features.

joseph working on the orbea rise

Orbea approached the Rise from a few unique perspectives. To make an e-mountain bike that rides like a modern trail bike, there is very little room for compromise that usually comes in the form of added weight and alterations to the geometry. In addition, it’s arguable that most mountain bikes with electric assist are unrefined. Frequently a 50 pound plus weight makes for sluggish handling on most terrain, while the drive unit offers up too much power at low speeds to compensate, making an eMTB feel more like a blunt tool. And while there are undeniably e-mountain bikes that are still super fun to ride, many leave you wanting for a bit more agility and precision.

The Rise changes up the formula and delivers on making not just a great eMTB, but an all-around great bike. How did Orbea pull it off?

Orbea Rise eMTB

Several years in the making, the Rise was destined not to be just another eMTB. Through a proprietary modular battery system combined with unique programming of Shimano’s new, lighter EP8 motor, the Rise can rely on smaller-than-average batteries and subsequently be much lighter while offering plenty of assist. Orbea calls it the Rider Synergy (RS) Concept. The philosophy is to fine-tune the motor’s output in response to the rider’s needs or more specifically in response to a more experienced rider’s needs. The Rise is less likely to waste power by lurching forward or surging at low speeds. Unlike the other well-known lightweight eMTB, the Rise can match any of the Bosch or Shimano bikes going “full-gas” uphill.

Orbea equips every Rise model with a 360Wh battery, leveraging proprietary coding and the bike's lightweight to deliver performance akin to a 500Wh battery. This fully integrated battery fits snugly within a standard-sized downtube and can be augmented with a 250Wh extender for longer rides. Orbea asserts that the Rise, when in eco mode, can cover up to eight hours and 4,000 meters of climbing, ensuring range is never an issue.

joseph riding the orbea rise

Orbea keeps the aesthetics simple. In addition to a hardly noticeable motor and a battery that hides in a svelte (for an ebike) downtube, the Rise doesn’t clutter up the frame or handlebars with gadgets or displays other than a simple remote on the left side of the handlebar to change the assist levels. Bluetooth connectivity to Garmin computers and watches allows for customizable data display.

Regarding aesthetics, the Orbea Rise is stunning. Drawing inspiration from the Occam and Rallon frames, the Rise epitomizes a true trail bike. Constructed on an Orbea Monocoque Race carbon frame, it exudes the essence of a robust mountain bike. Featuring a 150mm travel fork and 140mm shock, the bike adeptly handles challenging trails while maintaining a swift cross-country performance with its 29-inch wheels. While all Rise models boast the same carbon frame and swingarm, the groupsets vary from Shimano XTR to Shimano SLX depending on the model.a blue orbea bike

The Orbea Rise comes in four models. The top-spec Rise M-LTD is for the rider who demands and expects nothing less than the very best - and comes with a $10,500 price tag indicative of such standards. While pricey, it’s significantly lower than the other high-end, lightweight eMTBs and delivers ride feel unmatched by most every other eMTB out there. The entry point to the range is the Rise M20 at $6,999 that still weighs in at just under 40 pounds and retains a reliable build kit. Pictured is the Rise M10, with a Shimano XT drivetrain and Fox Factory 36 suspension, which might just be the sweet spot of the Rise lineup.

Few bikes have generated as much excitement among the Contender Bicycles staff or received as many inquiries from customers about availability as the Orbea Rise. We're thrilled to have them in the shop and eagerly anticipate their ongoing arrival. Stay tuned for a comprehensive Orbea Rise review, delving into the bike's technical specifications and riding performance in greater detail.orbea rise in front of the contender shop

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