From Dumpster to Daily Duty - Colby's 1995 Bridgestone X0-5

Written by Ed Kilbourn, on November 12, 2023

We absolutely love a good “Rags To Rad Ride” story here at Contender Bicycles, and Colby’s 1995 Bridgestone X0-5 is a great one! Colby is one of our operations and mechanical wizards here at the shop and knows his way around bikes both old and new. Colby has some strong, core beliefs when it comes to bicycles. They include saving old bikes, using square-taper bottom brackets, friction-shifted 2x8 drivetrains, and pushing steel frames to the limit. When he found this Bridgestone X0-5 in a dumpster, neglected and consumed by rust, Colby recognized the bike and immediately knew its potential. A literal case of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Once rescued from its near trip to the local landfill, Colby’s vision was set in motion. The frame was stripped of its old parts with the idea in mind to re-fit it to prioritize comfort and functionality. All day comfort comes from the taller stack height and shorter reach that were achieved via a Nitto Drop stem and a Crust “Towel Rack” handlebar. Night and/or daytime visibility are helped out by the cool dynamo front hub that sends power to a headlight, so there’s never the risk of forgetting to charge the light! Plus, the dynamo hub can double as a charger for overnight trips, allowing for charging a phone and other electronics. 

The front and rear racks allow for hauling just about anything, and Colby has even successfully hauled a bundle of 8’ 2x4’s home from the hardware store with ease. That's one we definitely don't hear too often!According to Colby, his favorite component on the bike is the Paul Mini Moto brake set. In his words, “They’re worth every penny and provide me with incredible braking power in any circumstance. From muddy gravel rides to careless drivers, I can stop on a dime.” What started out as a plan for a simple commuter bike has resulted in a true do-it-all bike for its proud owner. Again from Colby, “Whether it’s a road day with my dad, a trip to the grocery store, or technical single track, it can handle it….. and pretty well! No other bike puts a smile on my face the way this one does.”It’s always great to see great old bikes rescued from the smelter and returned to active duty, and we’re proud to share this one with you. Do you have an old bike rescue story, or need some help bringing one back to life? We’d love to hear about it and help out! Give us a call or swing into the shop! We can get your project on the road to redemption.


  • Cool story and widens our thinking!!! Keep spinning Colby!

    Alan on

  • Grant Peterson would be proud of this bike. Well done

    Gary Wheeler on

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