Introducing DMT Shoes at Contender Bicycles

Introducing DMT Shoes at Contender Bicycles

Written by Contender Bicycles, on February 18, 2022

There’s no shortage of shoes made for cycling. From the big industry names like Shimano, Giro, and Sidi to entries from somewhat unexpected brands like Nike and Adidas, there is a shoe for every foot, every size and every riding style. At Contender Bicycles, we take pride in offering among the highest quality gear possible and when we saw the chance to add DMT cycling shoes to our lineup, we took it.

DMT isn’t exactly a newcomer to the road or gravel shoe market, as their roots date back to the early 1980s. Their recent splashes in the market have come with betting big on Boa dials in 2012 (one of the first companies to do so), and more recently building every DMT shoe with 3D knit. In doing so, DMT claims to have a form-fitting fabric for the shoe upper that is second to none in comfort.

DMT road bike shoes at contender bicycles

Despite being made of thousands of threads intertwined to form an almost sock-like fit, DMT shoes do not have seams. Rather, their shoes are carefully reinforced with a form-fitting treatment that provides support under the hardest of efforts. The knit uppers breathe like no other shoe on the market to keep your feet cool as you crank out the watts while the fabric is bonded to add a layer of moisture and dust protection.

The anatomic carbon outsole provides an exquisite platform for your feet to keep performance and power transfer at peak levels.

One feature we really like is the rubber grip insert on the heel of their shoes. Much like the grippers on the hems of your bib shorts, the heel grips in DMT shoes provide an extra layer of protection while preventing slips that rob you of precious power and comfort.

DMT Bike Shoes at Contender Bicycles - mountain

Of course, they wouldn’t be truly outstanding if they didn’t look amazing - and DMT pulls off the aesthetics with a flash. Using bold orange and dark hues, your feet will look as good as they feel.

DMT cycling shoes are worn by professionals and aficionados around the world and now Contender Bicycles is pleased to offer DMT shoes in road, mountain, and gravel models.


DMT KR0 road bike shoes at contender bicycles

KR0 - Extremely light, highly comfortable, and naturally fast. Developed and tested to the demanding expectations of Elia Viviani, the DMT KR0 utilizes a double Boa system to ensure a precise fitting shoe weighing only 210 grams in a size 42 that you’ll almost forget you’re wearing. 

DMT KRSL road bike shoes at contender bicycles

KRSL - All the technology of the KR0, but with a lace fit system. Checking in at just 205 grams at size 42, the DMT KRSL helped Tadej Pogecar win the Tour de France. The one-piece seamless upper practically caresses your foot as the laces snuggle in for a precise, lightweight fit.


DMT KM0 gravel bike shoes at contender bicycles

KM0 - When speed matters almost as much as comfort, the DMT KM0 mountain bike shoes are tough to beat. Built with a double Boa fit system atop a Michelin sole, the KM0 shoes keep your feet cool with reliable breathability while keeping dust, water and mud from soaking in. And have we mentioned how cool they look?

DMT Bike Shoes at Contender Bicycles - gravel GK1

GK1 - Built with soles provided by the rubber experts at Michelin, the DMT GK1 gravel shoes combine the lightweight features of a road shoe with the off-road functionality you’ll need for epic rides on long adventures where few bikes dare tread. The lace uppers hug your feet while the one-piece knit fabric repels dust while maintaining superior breathability.

Have any questions? Find DMT shoes stock at Contender Bicycles, or send an email any time to

Words by Jared Eborn, photos by Ezra Jefferies.

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