Introducing the 2021 Juliana Furtado Women's Mountain Bike

Introducing the 2021 Juliana Furtado Women's Mountain Bike

Written by Cody Wignall, on March 03, 2021

When you're looking for one bike to do it all, the Furtado is that bike. The all-new 2021 Furtado is the go-to model for all-round mountain riders, proving that what goes uphill well can come down (equally well), too. The Furtado stays true to the formula, with 27.5” wheels, 130mm rear VPP suspension, an updated 140mm fork, and a fun-loving demeanor. Outside of that, the Furtado features updated geometry, increased shock capability, and size-specific features to set the bike apart. Some people want a garage full of bikes for every occasion, others want just one that’s good for any occasion. 2021 Juliana Furtado The Juliana Furtado manages to be the entry point to a new sport for some, and the all-mountain shredder’s choice for many, and a genuine legend at this point. The Furtado is joined at the hip to the all-new Santa Cruz 5010 and receives all of the aforementioned updates with the same women’s specific touchpoints (saddle and grips), custom shock tunes, and an eye-catching, smoldering orange paint color.  2021 Juliana Furtado CC Detail Despite the Furtado being last updated just two years ago, the new Furtado receives lower-link VPP suspension. Juliana says that riders preferred the geometry of the Furtado but wanted the shock performance of lower VPP, similar to that of the Juliana Maverick. The result is better small bump compliance, more predictable feel, and the ability to run both air and coil shocks, the latter new to the Furtado. Overall frame geometry was updated despite the previous Furtado being introduced just two years ago. All models receive a 140mm fork (rather than a 130mm fork) as well as slightly slacker head angles than the previous Furtado, slightly higher bottom bracket heights, and longer reach than before. But as always, the Furtado is known for a short rear end and low bottom bracket for stable cornering, and that continues here.  2021 Juliana Furtado Riding Also new this year is a Shimano XT 12-speed kit (aptly named Furtado C XT) with the option of the updated Santa Cruz Reserve Wheels. This is Juliana's build of choice; the C grade carbon, XT drivetrain, Race Face to DT Swiss 350 wheels stock, and excellent suspension make this the “rider’s pick.” 2021 Juliana Furtado C XT The Juliana Furtado will be in our shop in Salt Lake City and Park City soon. Be sure to reach out to us to grab one for yourself, or for any questions regarding Juliana bikes by email at or by phone during business hours.


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