Juliana Incarnate: 2020 Juliana Joplin First Look

Juliana Incarnate: 2020 Juliana Joplin First Look

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

Juliana Bicycles isn't bashful about its mission to be the right bike for a small (but growing) group of the cycling industry: women. Juliana is even aware that their brand isn't for all women, but for a small group of women who want women's inspired design and messaging, and they're happy to fulfill that role in the cycling industry. And that's what makes the Juliana Joplin, a 130 mm/120 mm trail bike based off of the ever-versatile Santa Cruz Tallboy, all the more interesting. 2020 Juliana Joplin Action - Contender Bicycles Those looking for a more serious tech breakdown ought to look at the first look of the 2020 Santa Cruz Tallboy we have on our blog, but there's enough here to cover that makes the Joplin a unique proposition. To be clear, when I say that the Joplin is based on the Tallboy, it really is the same bike, with women's specific touchpoints, lighter suspension tune, and a different paint job. That's a good thing: this new platform is unique in its class for being surprisingly aggressive in its geometry measurements. Few bikes with this little suspension travel have a 65.5-degree headtube, long front center measurement, impressive adjustability, and just 120 mm suspension travel. This makes the Tallboy a bit of anomaly as a bike that manages to climb well but can keep up with longer-legged bikes on the descent.
2020 Juliana Joplin
But what makes this bike so interesting is the sizing, which is more inclusive than ever. Three sizes are available with the Joplin (and up to six in the Tallboy!), with a new XS size. This marks Juliana's first-ever XS-sized 29er mountain bike, and one of the smallest 29er mountain bikes available on the market. Smaller riders can now take their pick between a quick-footed, agile 27.5" trail bike like the Furtado or the planted feel of a 29er like the Joplin. 2020 Juliana Joplin Women's Specific Mountain Bike - Contender Bicycles Now, why is all of this interesting? At first blush, the inclusivity of the Joplin is incongruous Juliana's women's specific ethos. But like the Joplin, Juliana is about giving a group rarely-represented in the cycling industry a fun bike, and not purely a marketing exercise. Between its versatile riding characteristics, low cost of entry (prices start at just $2699), and broad size range, the Joplin might just be the epitome of Juliana Bicycles. It's an exciting time to ride mountain bikes. 2020 Juliana Joplin CC SRAM X01 Reserve - Contender Bicycles Have any questions about the 2020 Juliana Joplin? Give us a call during business hours, or send us an email any time to info@contenderbicycles.com.


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