Juliana Joplin

Juliana Joplin

The Juliana Joplin Collection

You can't have it all. Or, at least that's what we're told. Nobody's told the Juliana Joplin CC X01 AXS trail bike though. A little bit of all-day cross-country pedaling ability with just enough of a rowdy side to conquer the trail when the rocks are rolling and the trail gets loose. It's a formula that many bikes try to match but rarely do, but at least with the Juliana Joplin, you can have it all.

The Juliana Joplin trail bike uses just 120mm suspension paired to a 130mm fork. That may not sound like much, but its geometry is slack like a big trail bike. The result is a combination that'll let you rip up any summit with tons of traction. And when it's time to point the bike downhill, the Joplin mountain bike lets you open it up and ride quickly through even the rockiest, rootiest terrain.

The Joplin offers up a whole bunch of features designed to make riding mountain bikes easier. The most obvious answer is the Glovebox, which offers in-frame storage, perfect for carrying a tube, pump, multitool, and all the ride essentials. Of course, the bike is also polished like any other Juliana or Santa Cruz. Clean chain guide mounts, a SRAM Universal Derailleur Hanger, and a lifetime warranty on the frame and pivot bearings make the Juliana Joplin a bike made to last, ride after ride.

Everyone says they have the best trail bike, but the Joplin is the best at offering everything you need and nothing you don't. You wouldn't take the kitchen sink with you on a quick campout, so why would you ride anything more than the Joplin?