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Urban exploration and commuting just got easier with the new Orbea Diem. Built around the three ideals of performance, design and personalization, this all-new lightweight Electric commuter bike has made commuting so much easier. With a massive nine-hour and over 90-mile range, charging is few and far between. Get where you need to go quickly with the 28 mile-an-hour pedal-assist motor, which will confidently get you over any hill in your path. 

ORBEA Diem on the Stairs at Contender Bicycles


The Orbea Diem priortizes rider safety above all else. With stock front and rear running lights you will never be left in the dark as you ride. Prioritizing simplicity, the front Supernova Starstream light will naturally switch on in the dark, leaving you without the need to fiddle around with lights midway through a commute. Orbea offers an optional Supernova Starstream dual beam light with both high and low beam settings, so be sure to ask about that if the majority of your commuting is done in the dark. With reactive braking technology, the rear light works like you’re in a car, becoming brighter each time you brake to alert cars and other riders that you are slowing down. 

Belt Drive on Orbea Diem

Adopting the Spinblock system from Orbea’s award-winning mountain bikes, Orbea ensures your bars will never rotate too far, making loading and unloading significantly easier, and protecting your cables inside the internally routed headset. Robust tires are chosen to protect as much as possible against flats, ensuring your commute is smooth and mindless. Adapting to the 21st century, the Diem features a hidden air tag holder in the motor cover, giving you the option to add a hidden tracker to protect against thefts. Like other Orbeas, the Diem is covered by their Quality Guarantee backed up by a lifetime warranty. 

Vittoria EBike Tires Protecting the Orbea Diem


Utilizing a massive 630 Wh battery, the Diem uses the latest in cell technology to keep the battery as small as possible while still offering a long range. It does take about four hours to charge fully, but with its nine-hour range you will not have to plug it in often. For those who want an extra boost too, Orbea offers an optional 252 Wh range extender to give you the extra battery when you need it. For those focusing on keeping the bike as light as possible, they also have a 540 Wh battery, like what’s in their popular Orbea Rise, to keep the weight down without a significant range impact. 

Shimano EP600 Motor Orbea Diem

The Shimano EP motors on the bikes offer simple maintenance and reliability for the motor. Developed for years on the Orbea Rise, Kemen and Urrun models, the Shimano motors have been refined to be as lightweight and reliable as possible. Shimano’s vast network of service centers give each rider the peace of mind that even if something happens, someone will be close by to help out to keep the bike running smoothly. The SBS system securing holds the battery inside the frame, adding stiffness to the bike and making the battery impossible to steal, it ensures peak performance with a compact size. 


With commuting in mind, the Diem is offered with two different rear rack options, compatible with up to 20kg or 30kg depending on the riders needs. These racks are compatible with a vast amount of pannier options, so if you need to mount bags it is a smooth and clever process. The optional front rack is enabled for up to 10kg of storage, and is accessible with either a flat front rack or a basket, depending on what you need. 

smartphone connection for the orbea diem

The low slung frame makes the bike easy to mount and dismount, keeping you safe in the event of a sudden stop, and providing more mobility as you are riding the bike. With everything integrated into the handlebars, you never need to remove your hands from the grips as you are riding, allowing you to operate everything from shifters to the lights quickly and confidently without risk of losing control as you ride. The cables are integrated through the headset, keeping your front end clear, allowing you to mount accessories, phone mounts, racks, or bags without having to navigate through an ugly cluster of cables. The one-piece handlebar design is intended to be used with Orbea’s integrated SP Connect phone mount system. They even have a USB-C charging port if you need to plug in your phone on the go. 

Orbea Diem Black Bike


With three different build kits, the Diem prioritizes what the rider wants above all else, giving you everything you need, with nothing you don’t. With four frame sizes, and the low-slung top tube, riders of all shapes and sizes will be able to find a Diem optimized for them. If you are inbetween sizes, go to a smaller size for extra comfort, or a bigger size for extra performance. Available in three different colors, each rider will be able to find a bike that they love. 

Diem 10 White IVORY Orbea Contender Bikes

Stop by Contender Bicycles to check out the all new Orbea Diem, or give us a call or shoot us an email and we will be happy to give you the scoop. If you are particular about exactly what you want, Orbea’s configurator allows you to spec your bike to ensure you get everything you need, but be warned if you go that route there is a few week delay between purchase and delivery. Check out the future of commuting with the all-new Orbea Diem.

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  • I like the review and specs. Good numbers from what I read. I am shopping for a new road ebike with a step-through like build so this may be prefect for me. Thanks.

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