Otso Voytek in Stock and Ready for Snow

Written by Carlos Interone, on October 10, 2021

The flakes are falling and if fat bikes had feelings, they’d be excited. Here at Contender Bicycles, we’re getting into the mood as well, and we’re excited to have a fresh supply of Otso Voytek bikes ready to get you rolling through the fluffy stuff in style and comfort, available with a Shimano XT or Shimano XT/NEXT kit featuring a carbon NEXT crankset. The 2022 Voyteks also adds bottle cage mounts on the fork for long rides or epic bikepacking adventures.

The Otso Voytek is a relatively new player in the fat bike market, but Otso has made a big impact since their bikes rolled out in 2016. There’s ample reason for that. The Voytek’s ability to adapt to surfaces from snow to sand to being a chunky mountain bike with a suspension fork and less ‘fat’ tires, places it as an award winner in the fat bike category. Otso truly built the bike for all seasons; swap out wheels and tires for a robust hardtail mountain bike experience on a surprisingly light bike and shred the summer single track with ease.

Otso Voytek Headtube

Fat bikes are, well, they’re fat by design. The wide tires, fork, and chainstays create a supple platform for riding snowy or sandy trails with plenty of traction and responsive steering. Generally, this versatility comes with a bit of a downside - namely, a Q factor that sometimes leads to discomfort or even injury on the bike.

Q factor is the term used to describe the distance between crank arms and pedals on a bike. Naturally, a wider bottom bracket needed to accommodate wider chainstays is going to require a Q factor much wider than a traditional mountain or road bike. If you’re logging hundreds of miles on a fat bike, your knees, hips, and ankles are going to notice the subtle difference in the angles between hips and pedals. 

Otso Voytek Details - Front / Drivetrain

Most fat bikes have a Q factor of 20-40mm wider than the average mountain bike. Otso engineers paid special attention to this in their design to incorporate a Q factor only 10mm wider than the average mountain bike. More comfort equals a more enjoyable ride and a more frequent return to the powder. Otso uses an 83mm bottom bracket standard to create a Q Factor of just 183mm.

The Voytek features Otso's Tuning Chip rear dropout which allows riders to shorten (or lengthen) the wheelbase by 20mm. With the Tuning Chip and wheelbase at its shortest, the bottom bracket height is raised by 4mm, creating a little bit more clearance as you slog through deeper snow. In the forward position, geometry is tuned toward responsiveness and snappiness. The rear position creates more stability for an easier ride. Put the Tuning Chip in the middle and enjoy what Otso calls the ‘Goldilocks’ position that’s just right. 

 Otso Voytek - seat cluster / fork / crankset

Not sure which set of wheels or tires to ride with? No worries; the Otso Voytek is built to be the most versatile fat bike on the planet. 26, 27.5 or 29-inch wheels are perfectly compatible, and depending on how you set the Tuning Chip, you can ride up to a 4.8-inch tire up front and a 4.6-inch tire in the back. Otso Voytek on the snow

This season we have two builds of the Otso Voytek. We are offering a Shimano XT build with an alloy Race Face Aeffect crankset and another Shimano XT build with a carbon Race Face Next crankset. Differing only in weight, stiffness, and a small performance jump, grab the Voytek that is most conducive to your riding style.

Contender Bicycles has a range of Otso Voytek sizes and colors in stock and ready to make your winter riding season the best ever. The complete XT builds should be at the shop by the end of November and are ready to preorder. Come by the shop, give us a call, or send us an email to info@contenderbicycles.com with any questions.

Otso Voytek Fat Bike Shimano XT
Otso Voytek Shimano XT Shop Otso Voytek XT
Otso Voytek Fat Bike Shimano XT/NEXT
Otso Voytek Shimano XT/NEXT Shop Otso Voytex XT/NEXT


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