Peter's Review of the SCOTT MTB RC Evo shoe

Peter's Review of the SCOTT MTB RC Evo shoe

Written by Contender Bicycles, on March 03, 2021

The SCOTT MTB RC Evo shoe looks an awful lot like the SCOTT MTB Comp Boa shoe - a shoe we have had good success with - and in many ways, there is a familial resemblance. There are a number of similar technologies between the two shoes, including WrapFit, Airmesh, Ergologic Insoles, Boa dials, Sticki rubber, and X-Traction. In short; lots of jargon typical of a mountain bike shoe review. Its reflective silver finish made us better-seen at night against cars, and early  adopters of the shoe have been treated to a durable, comfortable shoe that feels appropriate in most situations. So then, is this new shoe good enough to stand toe-to-toe (haha) with current stalwarts?

Yes and no. Let us explain. SCOTT RC EVO MTB shoe left front side detail Yeah, this shoe has all of the things that make the MTB Comp Boa shoe a great proposition, just with a helping of polish and a dash of adjustability. The shoe itself is black under most circumstances but this material is reflective as well. Accentuating this is the dual Boa IP1 dials, which offer a micro-adjustable dial that both tightens and loosens without having to fully release the system around the ankle and forefoot alike. The two separate dials mean that tensions can be different and allow the show to better mold around the shoe, compared to a single Boa dial that tensions the top of a shoe evenly, regardless of a foot profile. This is paired to a TPU upper that keeps the low weight and volume of a typical mesh but gives the shoe durability through jagged rocks and support needed on a longer ride. SCOTT MTB Shoe Review - Contender Bicycles Underneath is an HMX carbon sole - their stiffest mountain bike shoe sole, and the same carbon fiber as what is found on SCOTT bikes - that is shared with their top-spec shoes. There’s also a durable rubber compound that makes up their lugs with the same branded rubber as a majority of their MTB shoes. One of the best add-ons is their ErgoLogic adjustable insole, with varying arch supports and a built-in metatarsal button. SCOTT says this shoe was built with their racing fit, which they say is lower volume and slimmer in profile, offering a tighter heel cup fit and planted feel on the pedals. How does it fit really? Ask Peter, who has been wearing them for the past few months. SCOTT RC MTB Shoe - Contender Bicycles Peter’s Take:

Many cycling shoes feature a sleek silhouette that does not always lend itself to a comfortable fit. For this year SCOTT has improved the comfort of their mid to high-end mountain and road shoes to offer more wiggle room in the toes. This is important as it allows better blood flow through the feet and improved ventilation too. I have been riding the new SCOTT MTB RC Evo shoe over the last few weeks and can attest that their new-and-improved shoes come through on both counts At $299 these kicks fall into SCOTT’s higher-end offers.

It has long been my opinion that dual BOA is an ideal way to get the best fit and their LP1 two-way ratcheting buckles take this to the next level. Having a high-arch, low-volume, but slightly wide foot, these allow for a secure fit with easy adjustment. I can tighten the top buckle to eliminate heel slip while maintaining comfort in the forefoot. Speaking of forefoot comfort, SCOTT has changed their footwear last (the form that the shoe is built around) to a shape that is more squared-off toe-box, more like a Birkenstock, you can think increased comfort for your toes. SCOTT RC EVO MTB shoe front side detail Adding to this comfort is a seamless upper that doesn’t introduce any annoying lumps and bumps to the shoe’s interior. There is no doubt that these shoes are lightweight and stiff, as power transfer is direct with no loss of pedaling effort. I am not the strongest rider so any help in delivering power to the pedals is greatly appreciated! I've worn it on my mountain bike and gravel bike alike and have never felt like I was in the wrong shoe, a big plus in my book.

On the exterior the upper is a stealthy black-grey by day and highly reflective at night, creating a visually appealing aesthetic that blends well with SCOTT bikes that feature carbon fiber and helps me be seen when riding in the dark. SCOTT RC EVO MTB Shoe Review - Contender Bicycles With all this newness, SCOTT had the smarts to go ahead and include good old-fashioned mesh panels in the uppers. Though the seamless upper is made from perforated microfiber it is nice to feel air flow around the toes. Having ridden in other nice shoes over the years, such as the Sidi Spider and Sidi Dragon, I am very impressed with the new-and-improved SCOTT MTB RC Evo shoe and will be doing a lot more miles in them very soon.

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