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As experts in metal fabrication and sports design, SCOTT began delivering high-end steel and aluminum bikes to riders hungry for dirt. Constantly experimenting, they also invented aerodynamic road bars which proved to be decisive in Greg Lemond’s eight second victory over Laurent Fignon in the 1989 Tour de France. When everyone wanted bar-ends on their mountain bikes, Scott did one better with a one-piece extended bar made from extremely light aluminum that weighed less than most other handlebars alone. As the market changed and more brands offered copycat bikes, the SCOTT bike brand receded from North America, though they maintained a great reputation and strong sales in Europe and the rest of the world. The second wave of US-destined SCOTT bikes featured super-light and durable carbon frames that got both road and mountain riders wanting more carbon fiber in their diets.

Today, SCOTT continues to push sports-specific technology from both their Swiss based European offices and North American HQ, now located in our hometown, Salt Lake City, Utah. With access to near-endless mountain biking trails and high-altitude road riding, SCOTT road and mountain bikes are endlessly tested and proven on the world’s most demanding terrain.

The All-New 2019 SCOTT Ransom

The One Long Travel All-Mountain Bike to Rule Them All

Upon it’s release in 2006, the original SCOTT Ransom was exceptionally remarkable for it’s lightweight carbon frame, 165mm rear suspension travel, and ahead-of-it’s-time 165mm Equalizer shock. Few bikes climbed and handled with the precision of the Ransom, and it changed the way riders saw the long travel mountain bike. The new for 2019 SCOTT Ransom takes the long suspension travel of the original Ransom, and pairs it to an ultra-modern frame with incredible tech that makes this bike far more versatile than it has any right to be.

Like just about every SCOTT full-suspension mountain bike, the headlining tech is always based around their Twinloc suspension system. Here, Twinloc allows riders to swap with ease between Open, Traction, and Firm settings. Again, like other SCOTT mountain bikes, the Traction setting adjusts volume and spring rates to provide a new spring rate so progressive it changes the shock’s total travel from 170mm to 120mm (like an cross country bike). This setting makes the Ransom an impressive climbing bike without sacrificing sensitivity. Likewise, the fork increases in compression damping to keep the bike feeling more balanced. Headtube and seattube angles steepen by 1.5 degrees, and increases bb height by 20mm on a 15 degree uphill. Translation: the rider is put in a better climbing position when it matters the most.

What’s unique about the Ransom is the addition of the Fox Nude TR EVOL shock, which allows you to switch on the fly between a more linear or more progressive shock feel. It’s akin to adding and removing volume spacers, but instead of taking apart the shock, a flip of a switch is all that’s needed to have two distinct descending settings.

Besides the updated suspension kinematics and additional suspension travel, both alloy and carbon fiber Ransom frames receive unique touches. Starting from the bottom up, the Ransom is a 1x-specific frame, which means Scott was able to beef up the frame for enduro duty. The bottom bracket pivot point is nearly 9 mm wider than the equivalent Scott Genius frame (and same width as Spark RC), ensuring a stiff pedaling platform. SCOTT claims 2000 lb weight can be hung from the bottom bracket without the frame cracking, a testament to it’s strength. Additionally, SCOTT integrated a downtube protector under the bottom bracket and along the downtube as well as a chainstay/seatstay protector for each frame. At just 2650g for a frame/swingarm/shock/hardware, the Ransom is among the lightest long travel 29er mountain bikes, even with a lengthy 170mm travel.

SCOTT bikes are traditionally light, but the value of the bike comes in how it handles. Between Open and Traction modes, the Ransom is immediately one of, if not the premier climbing long travel 29er mountain bikes around. And with both carbon and alloy frame models available, there is sure to be a Ransom for you.

SCOTT Mountain

Ransom, Genius, Spark, Scale

The SCOTT mountain bike line can be best described by versatility. Available in 29 or 27.5 inch wheel sizes, with a myriad of suspension geometries and builds that range from exotic to workaday, there is something for every desire. New to 2019 is the return of the Ransom, as well as streamlined Genius, Spark, Spark RC, and Scale model lines.

The SCOTT Genius trail bike starts with an adaptation of the Spark’s trunnion-mount rear shock. The new positioning allows for greater smoothness and small-bump compliance early in the shock’s travel without sacrificing firmness at the bottom of the shock travel. Further, with the flip of a chip on the shock mount, riders can easily use a 29 inch wheelset with 2.6” tires, or a 27.5 inch wheelset with 2.8” plus tires. This is coupled to updated geometry, which not only features one of the most slack head tube angles of any trail bike, but adds in short but not too short chainstays and greater reach across all sizes. SCOTT aims to make models like the Genius 900 and 700 Tuned climb like a mountain goat and descend with precision and balance, and after just one ride it is clear that they’ve succeeded.

Much of the new technology of the SCOTT Genius comes from the SCOTT Spark, best known as the most victorious full-suspension mountain bike on the market today. The RC (for Racing Concept) model line, specifically the SCOTT Spark RC 900 World Cup, is one of the premier XC bikes. It remains SCOTT’s XC race bike, already tested and proven with Olympic gold medals and championship titles by Nino Schurter and Jenny Rissveds. The Scott Spark extends from upper-echelon racers to the do-it-all SCOTT Spark 920 29er. Each bike features a rather slack head tube angle for maximum stability, but short chainstays and a steeper seat tube angle for better power transfer and greater overall maneuverability. The Spark’s high-performance geometry, low weight, and advanced features make it one of the best overall full-suspension cross-country bikes ever.

SCOTT’s hardtail, the Scale, continues to redefine how capable a hardtail mountain bike can be. The featherweight SCOTT Scale RC 900 SL weighs in at an effortless 19 pounds with the very best parts from Fox, SRAM, and DT Swiss, yet is more than robust enough for the rigors of XC racing. From there, the SCOTT Scale 900 series splits the difference between the two bikes; while the RC optimized for racing and the 700 series is trail-ready, bikes like the SCOTT Scale 910 are an evenly-balanced hardtail for nearly any situation.

The original SCOTT Ransom may have been ahead of it’s time in regards to suspension travel, genre-defying low weight, and all-out tech, but the new Ransom is much more contemporary. This new bike still features 170mm travel, but pairs it to a contemporary suspension similar to the Spark and Genius, as well as SCOTT’s TwinLoc three-mode suspension. And as if TwinLoc wasn’t enough suspension wizardry, Scott has added Ramp Mode, a small lever on the air can of the shock that closes off a portion of the air chamber to make the suspension more progressive. From top to bottom, you’ll find the Ransom a great choice for high-speed descents and all-day epics alike.

From a quick lunch time bike ride, to a long weekend adventure, to an intense race setting, SCOTT mountain bikes are capable, quick, and ready for nearly any trail.

No Shortcuts

Superior Technology, Dedication to Contessa, Racing Prowess

What makes SCOTT Sports so unique in the crowded bicycle market? Simply put: experience. SCOTT is a true all-mountain company that covers down the gamut for just about mountain sport. From making the original plastic motocross boot, to the first aluminum ski pole and introduction of aero bars in the pro racing scene, it is clear that Scott is an innovator in not just cycling, but in every sport it participates in.

SCOTT’s engineering experience in multiple backgrounds has led to massive innovation that really makes a difference. A key technology found on Scott mountain bikes is their TwinLoc remote suspension lever, specifically the Scott Spark and Scott Genius mountain bikes. TwinLoc is a handlebar-mounted lever that simultaneously controls the front and rear suspension modes, to dial in travel and compression while in motion. Unlike the competition, the remote not only changes compression damping, but also changes spring curves, dynamically altering the geometry of the bike. This SCOTT-exclusive technology makes for a bike that climbs effortlessly and efficiently, yet slays on the way down.

SCOTT’s dedication to offering world class bikes to all riders doesn’t stop with men. The SCOTT Contessa line of mountain and road bikes are designed to take the best of SCOTT’s numerous platforms, and refine the geometry, suspension tunes, and build kits to optimize the riding experience for female riders. From the SCOTT Contessa Spark 710 to the SCOTT Contessa Addict 35, there’s a Contessa model for all trails or roads, and all abilities – truly built for women.

SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing Team started in 2002 as a way to offer Switzerland’s best young mountain bike talents an opportunity to develop their skills and focus on their careers under the wings of Thomas Frischknecht. Today, the SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing Team still focuses on Cross-Country but also takes part in big stage races like the Cape Epic. SCOTT-SRAM today hosts international riders and superstars like Olympic and 7x World Champion Nino Schurter, as well as World Champion Kate Courtney, and European Champion Lars Forster.

Some companies engineer for the sheer sake of marketability; not so with SCOTT. In 2017 and 2018 alone, the SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing team have accumulated over 11 championship titles on the Spark and Scale mountain bikes alone. Few companies can claim such impressive success, much less in the last few years. SCOTT simply lets these incredible achievements speak for themselves.

SCOTT Road and Gravel

Lightweight, Aero, Endurance, Trekking

SCOTT has never skimped on innovating when possible, particularly on through their road bike line. For 2019, however, SCOTT is revamping their line to offer products that are more premium, and classier than ever before. Minimalistic graphics and typical innovation with a dollop of polish and panache makes the 2019 line of SCOTT road and gravel bikes their best one yet.

Originally introduced in 2008, the Addict was the lightest bike on the market thanks to superior technology to their peers. 2019 offers an line with revised SCOTT Addict and Addict Disc models, which maintain their uniquely low weight and add a bit of comfort for long-distance rides. They use a three-piece carbon mold to keep the frame simple and remarkably light like the rest of the Addict range. As a result, weight has been cut dramatically, without sacrificing comfort or road handling ability. Models like the SCOTT Addict 10 Disc feature endurance geometry that puts the rider in a more upright position, perfect for riding for hours chewing up mile after mile. Finally, disc models fit up to a 32c tire (28c for rim brakes) for superior comfort and grip.

The SCOTT Addict RC and Addict RC Disc favors the race-ready side of the spectrum as one of the lightest road frames on the market. While it comes in both disc and rim brake models, the models like the SCOTT Addict RC Pro is extremely light and agile, perfect for long, steep climbs. With it’s well-proven race geometry which favors greater reach and lower stack than the standard Addict, riders can achieve ideal positioning for optimal power transfer and rider agility.

The SCOTT Foil and Foil Disc takes the award-winning Foil aero platform and adapts it to disc brake use. While the main triangle is the same, the fork and rear triangle are completely redesigned to shave watts and gain speed. The fork has been completely redesigned to manage increased wind resistance that comes with disc brake rotors and calipers. The result is a frameset that is just as stiff and aerodynamic as the rim brake model, while being just 40g heavier. As a result, the SCOTT Foil 10 Disc is lighter than the competition, and furthers brand’s reputation for performance.

While most dirt-road adventures require choosing between a traditional road bike and a cross bike, the Addict Gravel and Speedster Gravel create an ideal blend of on-road handling with compliance, tire clearance and stability for loose terrain and rough pavement. All Addict Gravel models feature hydraulic disc brakes and thru-axles, for confident handling and braking. The SCOTT Addict Gravel 20 Disc is an excellent example of balance between low weight, confident handling, and quality components.

Finally, with the emergence of bikes as transportation, SCOTT continues its urban bike line, which includes a series of Bosch-powered E-Bikes. SCOTT’s E-Bikes feature proven Bosch drive systems, 400 WH batteries, and up to 100 mile range, all with built-in fenders, racks, and lights, to make urban riding a breeze.

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