SCOTT Genius

SCOTT Genius

You've likely never seen anything like the new SCOTT Genius trail bike, and that's a-ok. SCOTT calls the new Genius the ultimate trail bike, and for good reason: it is far more advanced than anything else out there. It is the pinnacle of engineering, from SCOTT as a do-it-alll trail bike ready for anything. 

The new SCOTT Genius mountain bike can be broken down into two key versions: the Genius and the Genius ST. Both feature 150mm suspension out back and use SCOTT's Integrated Suspension technology, which hides the shock away in the frame for increased frame stiffness.

But underneath it is the same Horst-link driven shock system paired to a 160mm fork. But while the Genius uses SCOTT's unique TwinLoc suspension remote that simultaneously controls both the shock and fork, the Genius ST now uses a feature called TracLoc, a ramp adjustment lever that controls only the shock.

TracLoc still features three lever positions, it's just a bit more advanced. It isn’t unlike adding and removing a volume spacer on the fly. We like the Ramp Control setting quite a bit on the SCOTT Ransom, so it is cool to see it on the Genius ST, and better to see it so controllable from the handlebar.

The SCOTT Genius is easily one of our most asked-about trail bikes, and these latest updates are sure to spike conversation for everyone looking at a new trail bike. Between the vast number of options and the array of technology between the hidden shock and ramp adjust settings, the Genius continues to stand apart from the crowd. Is it the trail bike for you? Good question; find us at Contender Bicycles and we’ll help you decide between the wide array out there.