In a world where you either evolve or get left behind, SCOTT Sports is not a company in the mood to watch the rest of the bicycle world move on without them. From groundbreaking technology in its TwinLoc Suspension System in mountain bikes to a revolutionary AirFoil carbon fiber frame on its road bikes, SCOTT prides itself in pushing the boundaries of innovation and engineering in a quest to provide the best bicycles on the planet year after year.

From victories in the mountain bike world championships to spring classic road wins, SCOTT Bikes will help you ride faster, better and smarter. Performance is priority one at SCOTT, regardless of if you’re Nino Schurter, Kate Courtney or just trying to beat your previous best time at the next triathlon.

Of course, not every bike rider is obsessed with victory or KOMs. Lots of us are just after a great ride to stay fit, see the world or reduce our carbon footprint. As cycling evolves, so does SCOTT’s vision for getting people from Point A to Point B. Whether it’s the urban commuter, the weekend century cyclist or the after-work trail rider, SCOTT is driven to design, build and create the best bike for whatever type of riding you’re interested in.

Contender Bicycles is the No. 1 SCOTT dealer in the country and with SCOTT’s North American headquarters just down the road in Salt Lake City, we’re always on the forefront of the next big thing in SCOTT Bicycles.


Gambler, Ransom, Genius, Spark, Scale

Nino Schurter rides a SCOTT. That alone is a pretty strong selling point when it’s time to consider your next purchase. When Nino rides them, the SCOTT Scale and SCOTT Spark are pretty much unbeatable.

That performance and dependability demanded by Nino Schurter can be yours regardless of whether you toe the line in the World Cup, the midweek race series or by yourself chasing thrills with no one watching.

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SCOTT gets things started with the Scale – its hardtail racing machine. Lightweight and ultra responsive, you’ll be able to chase land-speed records on single track or dirt roads. Also available in the hardtail line is the entry level sport bike, the SCOTT Aspect, with its solid, but less-expensive components and matching price point.

Moving up to a full suspension bike is where SCOTT gets spicy with the Spark – the top selling bike at Contender Bicycles for very good reason. With a line ranging from the RC 900 to the 970, there’s a cross country trail bike for every rider. World Cup champions swear by the SCOTT Spark because of its lightweight frame, superb geometry and undeniable results on race day.

Next is the SCOTT Genius, a go-anywhere, ride-anything trail monster. With midrange suspension capable of riding cross country trails as well as handling most descents, the SCOTT Genius is versatility on two wheels.

When the descents get steep and tricky, SCOTT offers up the SCOTT Ransom for enduro riding and the SCOTT Gambler for pure descending daredevilry. Each increases the amount of travel in the suspension to keep you riding hard even on the gnarliest of trails.

Perhaps one of SCOTT’s brightest highlights in the mountain bike lineup is its innovative TwinLoc Suspension System. With its switch-on-the-fly remote system TwinLoc enables riders to adjust the rear suspension level to the fit best suited for any specific trail. From locking out the rear shock to enable a strong, faster sprint to opening it wide for rocky descents and a midrange all-trail setting, SCOTT’s TwinLoc keeps you moving forward without skipping a beat or pedal stroke as you move from trail to trail.

As if traditional mountain bikes weren’t enough, SCOTT has added a pedal-assist version of several mountain bike models to enable riders to ride long, ride farther and create more memories.


Lightweight, Aero, Endurance, Trekking

There is something pure about road cycling. Maybe it’s the smooth lines. Maybe it’s the majesty of the Tour de France. Maybe it’s the way you look in lycra 😉 Or, maybe, it’s the need for speed, the rush you get from human-powered motion, long sweepy descents and the thrill of summiting the highest road in the state.

Whatever it is, road cycling is the bicycle in its most basic, yet elegant, form.

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SCOTT Bicycles has a long history in road cycling and has sent riders to the podium in the Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix and countless races around the globe. If you have a thirst for fluid, efficient motion and speed, you’ll find your oasis on a SCOTT road bicycle.

The flagship of SCOTT’s road line is the Addict. Get a few rides in and you’ll probably figure out why it has that name. Ranging from the Addict RC Ultimate to the Addict 30, all SCOTT Addict bikes come with carbon fiber frames and disc brakes. Pick your component set and hit the road. If it’s real speed you are after and slicing through the wind turns you on, try the SCOTT Foil. The patented AirFoil carbon fiber frame is designed to be the most aerodynamic bike available. Pure, raw acceleration and an air-cutting blend of form and function.

Budget savvy roadies can get their fix with the SCOTT Speedster, an alloy frame bike that’s a bit heavier but no less fun.

The evolution of cycling has taken riders from the asphalt to the dirt. As you've undoubtedly noticed, the midrange of this evolution is gravel roads. Wide open spaces with less traffic and usually far better views. Gravel riding is here to stay and SCOTT has gravel models in both the Addict and Speedster lines to get people on the road, off the road and into more adventures than roadies thought possible. Mountain bike experiences with road bike geometry and speed. Grind on!

Not to be forgotten are the true speed junkies who love triathlons and time trial races. The SCOTT Plasma exudes speed. One look at the dynamically engineered areo beauty tells you the Plasma means business when the race is between you and the clock.


Superior Technology, Dedication to Contessa, Racing Prowess

What makes SCOTT Sports so unique in the crowded bicycle market? Simply put: experience. SCOTT is a true all-mountain company that covers down the gamut for just about mountain sport. From making the original plastic motocross boot, to the first aluminum ski pole and introduction of aero bars in the pro racing scene, it is clear that Scott is an innovator in not just cycling, but in every sport it participates in.


SCOTT’s engineering experience in multiple backgrounds has led to massive innovation that really makes a difference. A key technology found on Scott mountain bikes is their TwinLoc remote suspension lever, specifically the Scott Spark and Scott Genius mountain bikes. TwinLoc is a handlebar-mounted lever that simultaneously controls the front and rear suspension modes, to dial in travel and compression while in motion. Unlike the competition, the remote not only changes compression damping, but also changes spring curves, dynamically altering the geometry of the bike. This SCOTT-exclusive technology makes for a bike that climbs effortlessly and efficiently, yet slays on the way down.

SCOTT’s dedication to offering world class bikes to all riders doesn’t stop with men. The SCOTT Contessa line of mountain and road bikes are designed to take the best of SCOTT’s numerous platforms, and refine the geometry, suspension tunes, and build kits to optimize the riding experience for female riders. From the SCOTT Contessa Spark 910 to the SCOTT Contessa Addict 35, there’s a Contessa model for all trails or roads, and all abilities – truly built for women.

SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing Team started in 2002 as a way to offer Switzerland’s best young mountain bike talents an opportunity to develop their skills and focus on their careers under the wings of Thomas Frischknecht. Today, the SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing Team still focuses on Cross-Country but also takes part in big stage races like the Cape Epic. SCOTT-SRAM today hosts international riders and superstars like Olympic and 7x World Champion Nino Schurter, as well as World Champion Kate Courtney, and European Champion Lars Forster.

Some companies engineer for the sheer sake of marketability; not so with SCOTT. In 2017 and 2018 alone, the SCOTT-SRAM MTB Racing team have accumulated over 11 championship titles on the Spark and Scale mountain bikes alone. Few companies can claim such impressive success, much less in the last few years. SCOTT simply lets these incredible achievements speak for themselves.


Ride Longer, Farther and more Comfortable

Once viewed with suspicion and skepticism, electric bicycles are no longer interlopers in the two-wheeled world. Now, instead of being relegated to urban commuter and cargo bikes or bikes for “old people,” pedal assist bikes are mainstream and gaining traction as a preferred method of adventuring. SCOTT Bicycles offers a wide range of pedal assist bikes designed to help you ride longer, farther and more comfortably than ever before. Pick your riding style, SCOTT Bikes has it covered.

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New for 2021 is the SCOTT Addict eRIDE lineup. By adding a 500Wh pedal assist motor, SCOTT’s flagship road bike opens the road to those who want racing geometry and feel but aren’t too proud to ride with a little motor helping out with the workload. The Addict eRIDE line features virtually the same frame and componentry of the traditional Addict, but with a larger downtube to house the battery. We wouldn’t be surprised to see SCOTT introduce an eRIDE version of the Addict Gravel before too long.

On the mountain side of things, SCOTT has options – lots of options. The SCOTT Ransom and SCOTT Genius offer the most travel and suspension of the bunch with price ranges depending on builds and components. The SCOTT Strike eRIDE is a tremendous cross country full suspension mountain bike with a handful of build options while the Aspect eRIDE is low-price hardtail mountain bike that will take you far.

Not to be forgotten, the urban eRIDE lineup offers a range of bikes suitable for almost everyone. The SCOTT Axis eRIDE offers front suspension with commute-friendly features such as cargo racks and fenders. The SCOTT Sub Active eRIDE is another solid commuter bike but with a lower price point, components and more relaxed geometry including a step-through frame model.

SCOTT’s eRIDE lineup is varied and diverse. But one thing it is not is easy. Pedal assist means you must be pedaling to activate the motor – there is no throttle other than your legs. Depending on the terrain, rider and other conditions, SCOTT’s eRIDE bikes can offer anywhere from an added 50 percent power boost to a whopping 300 percent. The speed is limited only by how fast you want to go, but a Class 1 electric motor – the kind on most SCOTT eRIDE bikes – will help you pedal along at 20 miles per hour. Any faster than that and the motor assumes you’re good to go on your own and disengages from the powertrain.

The motors on SCOTT eRIDE bikes are either Shimano or Bosch. Battery life and distance range from 30 miles to as much as 60 miles depending on the conditions. Obviously, riding uphill into a headwind will take more energy than a flat ride with a tailwind. Just like you, the length of the ride often depends on outside factors.

Regardless, the future of cycling has pedal assist motors playing a significant role. From road riding to enduro mountain biking to grocery store trips, electric bikes will be involved.



At Contender Bicycles, our best tools for selling bikes are the people who ride them. Each of us on staff has extensive experience riding bikes across many brands. Ryan Littlefield is our expert on SCOTT Bikes. To contact Ryan regarding any questions about SCOTT, send an email to by phone during shop hours at Contact Us.