In a world where you either evolve or get left behind, SCOTT Sports is not a company in the mood to watch the rest of the bicycle world move on without them. From groundbreaking technology in its TwinLoc Suspension System in mountain bikes to a revolutionary AirFoil carbon fiber frame on its road bikes, the team at SCOTT pride in pushing the boundaries of innovation and engineering in a quest to provide the best bicycles on the planet year after year.

From victories in the mountain bike world championships to spring classic road wins, SCOTT Bikes will help you ride faster, better and smarter. Performance is priority one at SCOTT, regardless of if you’re Nino Schurter, Kate Courtney or just trying to beat your previous best time at the next triathlon. SCOTT is driven to design, build and create the best bike for whatever type of riding you’re interested in.

Contender Bicycles is the No. 1 SCOTT dealer in the country and with SCOTT’s North American headquarters just down the road in Salt Lake City, we’re always on the forefront of the next big thing in SCOTT Bicycles.

SCOTT Mountain Bikes

Nino Schurter rides a SCOTT. That alone is a pretty strong selling point when it’s time to consider your next purchase. When Nino rides them, the SCOTT Scale and SCOTT Spark are pretty much unbeatable. The SCOTT trail bike – the Genius –shares the same DNA.

That performance and dependability demanded by Nino Schurter and world champion Kate Courtney can be yours regardless of whether you toe the line in the World Cup, the midweek race series, or by yourself chasing thrills with no one watching. SCOTT designs and innovates a wide array of mountain bikes to keep mountain biking fun for everyone.

SCOTT Mountain Biking Sun

2022 SCOTT Spark RC World Cup Evo AXS

SCOTT Spark RC Cross Country Bikes

Excellence, precision, and speed. The SCOTT Spark RC is a race-ready cross country bike designed to podium. The Spark RC Carbon HMX Frame meets a SRAM XX Eagle AXS 12 Speed to create a mountain bike that travels at warp speed.

SCOTT Spark Cross Country Bikes

Few bikes are as capable as the Spark 900 AXS. Light, fast, and exceedingly capable, the Spark morphs into a short-travel trail bike, a "downcountry" ride, and an occasional race machine. Regardless of your riding style, this is a full suspension mountain bike that has you covered.

2022 SCOTT Spark 900 AXS Blue w/Tan Sidewall Tires

SCOTT Genius Trail Bikes

You've likely never seen anything like the new SCOTT Genius trail bike, and that's a-ok. SCOTT calls the new Genius the ultimate trail bike, and for good reason: it is far more advanced than anything else out there. It is the pinnacle of engineering from SCOTT as a do-it-alll trail bike ready for anything.

SCOTT Ransom Enduro Bikes

The enduro bike to rule enduro bikes. Point the SCOTT Ransom down the mountain and let the bike negotiate unruly terrain. With 170mm of suspension in the front and rear, the latest Ransom makes risky behavior a safe bet. Need to go beyond enduro riding? Look no further than the Scott Gambler.

SCOTT Ransom 910

SCOTT Road Bikes

Women riding Scott Contessas

Road biking gains its elegance through sheer simplicity. Perhaps it’s the smooth lines. Maybe it’s the spirit embodied within the Tour de France. Maybe it’s the way you look in lycra 😉. Or, perhaps, it’s the unrelenting speed - the rush you get from every pedal stroke - long sweeping descents and the thrill of summiting the highest road in the state.

Whatever it is, road cycling is the bicycle in its most elegant form. From the Addict RC, electric road bikes, aero bikes to the Contessa Addict—SCOTT has your needs covered with state of their art road bikes.

Scott Addict RC Pro

There's a reason that sportive speed demons and professional riders rally behind the SCOTT Addict RC Pro; it's featherlight — even with disc brakes, agile, and comfortable. If poppy acceleration and high speeds are your game, the Addict RC Pro is your weapon of choice.

2022 SCOTT Addict RC Pro

SCOTT Foil RC 10

Scott Foil RC 10

An all arounder aerodynamic bike with a knack for winning tour stages. It's extremely likely that the SCOTT Foil RC is the most versital road bike on the market. Designed with intentions of decimating times, this is one SCOTT bike that you don't want to miss.

Scott Addict 10

With its lightweight frame, the Scott Addict 10 is perfect for hilly, challenging terrain. Stiff and efficient for putting down the power uphill and confidence-inspiring geometry with the smooth-stopping power of disc brakes.

SCOTT Addict 10 Endurance Road Bike

SCOTT Gravel Bikes

SCOTT Gravel Bike Cat.

What makes SCOTT so unique in the crowded bicycle market? Simply put: experience. SCOTT is a true all-mountain company that covers down the gamut for just about mountain sport. From making the original plastic motocross boot, to the first aluminum ski pole and introduction of aero bars in the pro racing scene, it is clear that SCOTT is an innovator in not just cycling. Hop on the Addict Gravel and you'll see what we mean.

Scott Addict Gravel

The Addict Gravel Tuned is feather-light, breezes through rough terrain, fits chunky tires and has enough mounts to carry all the liquids and freeze-dried chicken curry you want.

SCOTT Addict Gravel Tuned

SCOTT Speedster Gravel 10

Scott Speedster Gravel

The SCOTT Speedster Gravel bike is designed to tick all the boxes, and with its speckled paint finish, the Speedster Gravel exceeds expectations. SRAM Rival XPLR with the confidence of aluminum durability.

Scott Contessa Addict Gravel

When you're ready to get serious about racing on gravel roads, the SCOTT Contessa Addict Gravel with its women’s specific geometry, is all business. It's faster, more capable, more aggressive, and more fun than ever before.


Once viewed with suspicion and skepticism, electric bicycles are no longer interlopers in the two-wheeled world. Now, instead of being relegated to urban commuter and cargo bikes, pedal assist bikes are mainstream and gaining traction as a preferred method of adventuring. SCOTT offers a wide range of pedal assist electric bikes designed to help you ride longer, farther and more comfortably than ever before. Pick your riding style, SCOTT Bikes has it covered.

Scott Ransom E-Ride

Put some pep in your pedal and energy back in your legs. With 180mm of front suspension travel, plush geometry, and a Bosch Performance CX 20mph drive unit, mountain biking has never been more fun.

SCOTT Ransom E-Ride


On top of their premium race oriented bikes, SCOTT also excels in creating urban commuter, city bikes to let you dance through the most rugged of city streets. Regardless of if you prioritize comfort or agility, SCOTT's line of adult bikes that will work well to fit your needs. After all, Sunday cruises and everyday leisurely riding is the essence of cycling.


Your kids first bike! And second ... And third! From training wheels to rough and tumble mountain bikes, SCOTT has included several different colorways for these bikes so your child can truly personalize their riding experience. Built with kid friendly geometry, and ample durability, SCOTT has a bike for all ages and abilities.



At Contender Bicycles, our best tools for selling bikes are the people who ride them. Each of us on staff has extensive experience riding bikes across many brands. Isaac is our expert on SCOTT Bikes. To contact Isaac regarding any questions about SCOTT, send an email to by phone during shop hours at Contact Us.