Santa Cruz Skitch

Santa Cruz Skitch

Written by Contender Bicycles, on August 27, 2023

Man riding santa cruz skitch through the city

It’s no secret that Santa Cruz, like most manufacturers with their hearts in the right place, has always been about making the bikes they want to ride. This ethos has produced many outstanding trail bikes, XC race bikes and gravel rigs over the years, so it’s even more intrinsically valuable when it results in a bike that helps you fit more riding into your everyday life. That’s what the new Skitch e-Bike is all about. From making routine errands fun, to opting for the bike instead of the car and not stressing about getting back up the hill to home, the Skitch provides a fast, efficient and most importantly fun way to get more ride time into your day. 

Santa Cruz Skitch

While there are a number of great urban e-Bike options on the market right now, they’re often relatively heavy, overly sturdy rigs designed more around cargo capacity and capability. The new Skitch takes a more sly and stealthy approach, with a smaller battery and lighter drive system, along with a light CC-level carbon frame. This combines to result in an e-Bike that’s spry, quick and easy to ride. 60nm of torque from the 430 watt Fazua system will propel you up to 28mph (for the U.S. version), and given the light weight of the bike, get you there pretty quick. 

Santa Cruz Skitch in the city

The Skitch is about ½ a degree slacker in the head tube than its carbon Stigmata sibling, but shares a very similar spacious cockpit, which contributes to its overall ride quality and experience. The slightly more relaxed geometry helps manage the thrust available with the e-assist, keeping the ride feel quick, yet managed. A standard 27.2 round seat tube means a dropper post is an easy add, and is included on the GX AXS Flat Bar version.

Santa Cruz Skitch

An easy summation of the Skitch would be that it’s a tool to make going by bike less of a hurdle. Lightweight, free of motor drag and available in both flat bar and drop bar configurations, the Skitch could be the perfect option if you’re looking to make the jump to your first e-Bike, or wanting to add something to the fleet that’s easy to “grab and go”. Santa Cruz has kept the features and operation simple, but added nice touches like bar-mounted controllers and a USBC charge port integrated into the system display. 

Santa Cruz Skitch in the city urban riding

No proprietary parts, 700c wheels with ample tire clearance and upwards of 60 miles + on a charge cap off the list of things we love so far about the Skitch. Check them out on the site and let us know if you’ve got questions or would like more information!

Santa Cruz Skitch


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