Speed X Comfort - Pinarello Dogma X Beautiful Bicycle

Speed X Comfort - Pinarello Dogma X Beautiful Bicycle

Written by Contender Bicycles, on December 30, 2023

Anytime Pinarello introduces a new bike, it tends to be a big deal, both in terms of the reaction in the cycling world, and what the bike actually is and does. With the launch of the Dogma X around the fall of 2023, needless to say there was a lot of buzz. The Italian powerhouse created the Dogma X as a bike to keep most of the pace of the race-bred Dogma F, but do it longer and more comfortably. You can call it an “endurance bike”, but that might be selling it a little short.

While it’s true that the Dogma X may not stack all the way up to the Dogma F race machine in terms of outright speed, it’s a bit like comparing one of Ferrari’s works-level GT class race cars to its road-going counterpart; the competition car is blindingly fast, but would you want to drive it all day, every day? (Spoiler, you wouldn’t.) 

Pinarello Dogma
Dogma, through and through

The second thing most people notice about the Dogma X are the funky, yet oddly cool and attractive “X-Stays” supporting the rear triangle of the frame. The X-stays serve multiple purposes. By doubling the number of attachment points to the seat tube, Pinarello's idea was to dissipate vibration forces making it through to the seat tube, keeping them away from the rider’s back. The Dogma X also features longer chainstays, that increase both the wheelbase and the comfort level of the bike. The X-stays also help add lateral stiffness to the longer chainstays, keeping the flex at minimum.

Pinarello Dogma
The first thing you notice

Back to what you might notice first about the Dogma X, is how it still very much looks like a Dogma. All of the postmodern aesthetic we’ve gotten used to from Pinarello is alive and well and on display in the Dogma X. Swooping lines and aerodynamics take center stage, and the Dogma’s character is instantly recognizable. Like every contemporary Pinarello, asymmetrical elements are baked into the frame design of every bike, so there’s additional material on the drive side of the frame to cope with the increased torsional forces of the chain.

Pinarello Dogma
What you don’t notice right away

While the X-stays and room for larger tires might quickly distinguish the Dogma X from its full-race fratello, what you don’t see right away are the slightly shorter reach and taller stack height when compared to the Dogma F (and other bikes in the “F” lineup). This is where the Dogmas diverge. The Dogma X is intended for the longer hauls, but can still send sprints and carve canyons at all but the most outer reaches of the Dogma F. And this particularly beautiful Dogma X is set up to do just that.

Pinarello Dogma
Top tier, end to end

Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 has a firm hold on the pole position in the drivetrain world, and this Dogma X build employs a full kit. The 12 speed setup uses an 11-34t cassette, 50/34t chainrings mounted to Dura-Ace 9200 series cranks. Dura-Ace Di2 9270 shifters/brakes control 160mm Dura-Ace SM-RT900 rotors, and the levers are mounted to a Pinarello MOST Talon Ultra Light one-piece bar stem (44cm x 100mm). A Pinarello Aero seatpost with 3D printed titanium top seat clamp and bolts along with a Pinarello Most Lynx Ultrafast Superflow saddle complete the cockpit. Rounding out the roll on this Dogma X is a set of ENVE AR Disc wheels. The S.E.S AR rims are laced to DT/Swiss 240 hubs, and wrapped with 26mm Vittoria Corsa N.EXT Graphine tires

Pinarello Dogma
Italian beauty, style, performance and comfort

The Pinarello Dogma X represents what might be the ultimate culmination of high performance and maximum comfort. Pinarello set out to provide a bike that performs like a race bike, with far less tax on the rider. To call it an "endurance bike" isn't entirely fair, as it's taken the category up by a factor of "X".  

Pinarello Dogma

If you'd like to know more about the Dogma X, other bikes in Pinarello's lineup or what might be your ideal ride, let us know. Give us a call, drop us an email or reach out on the chat. We'd love to talk!

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  • Hi. Nice review! I recently received my Pinarello X 9. Great bike. I believe confusing is brewing with many website. The DOGMA is the DOGMA and labeled as such on the TT. The frame is made with Toracay 1000. The Xseries is made from Toracay 900. The diffence in price comes from the carbon fiber and wheel selection. Nothing else. My X9 has a 3D printed post. Full DA soon to be upgraded to Bbinfinite pulleys and BB. The best on the market. The DOGMA is recommended for “the professional “ racer. The X series is really the “Endurance “ model. I believe the marketing has caused this confusion. Thanks! Doc.

    Michael G Mancuso MD on

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