The All-New BMC Roadmachine

The All-New BMC Roadmachine

Written by Joseph Bonacci, on April 22, 2024

The BMC Roadmachine has received a long awaited redesign. BMC’s staple endurance bike has been updated to truly embrace the ‘all-road’ name with wider tires, integrated storage and even integrated lights. While the bike is not a gravel bike, it is a road bike that can leave no path untraveled, accelerating down dirt roads and gravel paths with ease, while still preserving a road bike feeling everywhere else. 

BMC Roadmachine


For those who have ridden the previous Roadmachine, you are probably wondering, “What did they need to improve?” They didn’t completely redesign the bike, rather just slightly tweak the old Roadmachine as it was already a top-class endurance bike. In a 54cm size, BMC raised the stack by 8mm and shortened the reach by 3mm to refine the position while riding the bike. This gives the rider a slightly more upright position to make it more comfortable over a long day in the saddle. 

BMC Integrated Storage

Integration is at the forefront of many people’s mind, so BMC chose to give this bike frame storage. Accessible by a hatch under the bottle cage, the frame opens up to allow you to store tools, small pumps, tubes, snacks or whatever else you need. This removes the need for a saddle bag and gives the bike a clean finish. BMC preserves the top tube mount from the old Roadmachine, allowing you to securly fasten a toptube bag for easily accessible snacks on the go. The last key point of integration is the integrated rear light, making sure the rider is seen by other road users. 

BMC Roadmachine Integrated Light

The biggest change from the previous Roadmachine is the tire clearance, jumping from 35mm to a whopping 40mm. Allowing the rider to run up to a 40c tire keeps the rides smooth and rattle free, giving peace of mind to take the road bike down dirt roads that you would not have attempted on a 28c. With integrated fender mounts, it is easy to find fenders to keep you dry as you take the bike out in all conditions. Now with all these changes you’ll probably be thinking that the bike weighs a ton, but in fact it is only 60g heavier than the previous model, with the frame coming in at 963g in a size 54cm. 

BMC Roadmachine Headtube and Fork showing tire clearance.


The new Roadmachine comes in two different frame levels with two different configurations. The Roadmachine will resemble your standard road bike with 30mm tires, rigid stem, and 2x drivetrain. It’s brother, the Roadmachine X, is aimed at the more adventurous with 34mm tires, a suspension stem, and 1x drivetrain. Both are offered in an 01 variation, emphasizing maximum performance with a high modular carbon chassis for lighter weight and better power transfer. 


BMC preserved the nimble handling, the stiff pedalling platform and the reactive qualities of the old Roadmachine and built the new Roadmachine to be a take it anywhere, do anything road bike. This bike is for the road riders who want a bike they can trust down any road, whether paved or not. Check out the new Roadmachine and Roadmachine X in store or here on the site.


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