The All-New Cervelo Aspero

The All-New Cervelo Aspero

Written by Ezra Jefferies, on May 07, 2024


In their first major update since the launch of the first Aspero in 2019, Cervelo just revamped their staple gravel bike with the all-new Cervelo Aspero. Is the update radical? No. But a number of needed enhancements takes the Aspero to the next level. A threaded BB shell for easier maintenance, tidier cable routing and a UDH-compatible derailleur hanger in order to run SRAM Transmission provide much needed upgrades to the new Aspero. Plus staying true to the history and ethos of the Cervelo brand, the bike is more aerodynamic than ever before. 

Angle photo of Cervelo Aspero

In addition to reducing drag, Cervelo lowered the seat stays to enhance rear compliance and slightly dialed down the front-end stiffness while increasing mud clearance. While these improvements may seem small individually, they make a significant difference collectively. The result? A bike that retains the essence of the original Aspero but is faster, more comfortable and more adaptable. 

Cervelo Aspero Tire Clearance


Here at the shop, we see two primary benefits to the new Cervelo Aspero. The first is tire clearance. Increasing options for tire width provides flexibility to customize the ride and performance of the bike. The second is the UDH. Yes, this means that the bike can run SRAM Transmission drivetrains but our enthusiasm for UDH isn’t just about Transmission. Unifying derailleur hanger standards also simplifies the process of replacing a bent hanger and enhances shifting performance by reducing the number of variables involved.

The new Cervelo Apsero certainly maintains its position in the whole race-worthy line-up of Cervelo bikes. Think this might just be the right bike for you? Feel free to reach out to one of our experts at the shop either in store or online.

Cervelo Aspero Cables


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