The All-New Pinarello Dogma F

The All-New Pinarello Dogma F

Written by Isaac Boyden, on June 21, 2024

There are very few bikes quite as recognizable as the Pinarello Dogma. As the people at Pinarello put it, there are very few bikes you can have unpainted and still tell it is a Pinarello from a distance. No other bikes have the signature asymmetrical shaped rear triangle and fork, the curve in the top tube, or the wave in the Onda fork. 

Such a recognizable design comes from one of the most prominent racing histories of any bike in the industry. Raced under some of the most successful teams in road race history, dozens of Tour De France stage wins and multiple GC wins.

The all-new 2025 Pinarello Dogma F holds on to its racing lineage, with an aim to make it even faster, which is hard for a bike as successful as it already is. 

Pinarello Dogma F Render on sand.

The New Pinarello Dogma F 

In the past, new generations of Dogma have looked more different, but this generation of Dogma is more about refinement rather than an overhaul. It is a little difficult when looking at the frame to tell what is different, but Pinarello definitely did their work to make sure this bike strives toward perfection. The goal of the Dogma is a bike for Would Tour racers that can climb efficiently, descend with confidence, and be aero all the same. Pinarello strives to meet those needs.  

For all of the 2022 Tour De France, Pinarello measured every statistic they could on leader Geraint Thomas, measuring vibration, aerodynamics, stiffness, and every energy split you can think of was measured across 20 stages total. All of this data was used to make the Dogma F 2025, the best possible bike. 

Woman riding 2025 Pinarello Dogma F.

One of the biggest things about this bike was its aerodynamics. Throughout the Tour, Pinarello found that every 0.2% increase in aerodynamic efficiency on the frame was the same thing as saving 175g of weight off the frame. This led Pinarello to hunt for aerodynamic benefits wherever they could. The frame was run through CFD (computational fluid dynamics) and tested for every frame line, to make it as aero as possible while still retaining the same overall shape, look, and weight of the previous Dogma. 

The downtube shape has been smoothed out and has become slightly deeper to help improve the aero, and the BB as well. What Pinarello calls the BB box (the BB and the area in front of it) has been enlarged and rotated upwards for aero. This rotation improved aerodynamic benefit by 1.2%, as well as making the BB stiffer. The front nose cone on the bike, a very uniquely Pinarello look, has also been redesigned for better frontal cross-section and aero with a 1.6% increase in aero benefit. This means the whole bike got 2.8% faster.Pinarello Dogma F side profile.

Speaking of weight, the new Dogma frame has also changed its carbon layup to lose some weight. Long-time Pinarello fans might remember the Pinarello Dogma F8, in the team edition frame called X-Light for some weight loss off the frame. That carbon layup is now being used in the stock Dogma frame for this model year. This layup is called M40X. It takes over 100g off the frame and makes the overall bike stiffer, especially in the BB. 

Along with the new headtube shape being thinned, the Dogma requires a new headset that is slimmer to match the shape. This new headset matches to a new Most Talon bar, called the Most Talon “Fast” bar. The new handlebar flares to match the trend of bars and brake levers being flared out for racing. The new bar now cables the hoses in front of the bar, not on the sides so it will not be compatible with the previous Talon set up. 

Blue Pinarello Dogma F against wall.

All The Pinarello Colors And Extras 

All of the new Dogma’s are still handpainted in Italy, with two launch-specific colorways. They have a red metallic fade to black, and a satin metallic silver/blue color. The red/black will also be the color raced at the 2024 Olympics under all Pinarello riders. There will also be some of the previous year's colorways returning on the new frame as well. 

Along with the new bike, Pinarello has also released a clothing line, aimed at performance. Made in Italy by Q36.5, the new clothing has two cuts, a race fit and a core fit. The race cut is called Dogma as well to signify it is the top of the line and is meant to be most aerodynamic at 35-70 kph. (Claimed). 

Pinarello colorways

Want to build one of the new Dogmas for yourself? Let us know! Chat us here on the site or call in to talk to one of our many Pro Build specialists. 


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