The Fourstroke LT AMP

The BMC Fourstroke LT AMP

Written by Isaac Boyden, on November 29, 2023

We've talked about the BMC Fourstroke before, and you may recognize this bike's familiar lines. But last time we talked about this bike was back in October of 2022, when the Swiss company fully redesigned the bike from the ground up. This all new Fourstroke is better than ever, and now available with a little assist! The Fourstroke LT AMP's TQ eBike motor is already familiar to us, as it also features in the SCOTT Lumen, the SCOTT Solace, and the Pinarello Nytro eBikes. We've been able to log some miles on the TQ motor system here at the shop, where it has been well received. It definitely makes a great platform for a lightweight eBike. 

The BMC Fourstroke LT AMP

The New Fourstroke 

This new BMC Fourstroke AMP LT is based on the Fourstroke LT, BMC’s “down country” bike. As a quick refresher, down country encompasses light trail tires, four piston brakes and 120mm of travel, but a shorter wheelbase and steeper head angle than the vast majority of eMtb's on the market. Or put another way, the type of riding that 60% of the mountain bikers out there do.

Featuring all the numbers that come with modern progressive XC bike designs, the Fourstroke LT AMP logs a 457mm reach, 77 degree seat tube angle, and 66.5 degree headtube angle (in a size Medium). With thin tubes, no headset routing, and a dual link rear suspension, this bike has a very simple, elegant design that makes the perfect platform for a short travel eMtb.

Most eMtbs have traditionally been longer travel affairs, with 140mm or more being the norm up until just a couple of years ago! A lot of riders out there however are looking for something more than a long-travel descender in an e-assisted MTB. Many folks are just trying to make the most of the short time between work and sunset, a lunch break, or any other time crunch. Limited ride time has become a big factor in the decision to e-ride, but a burlier, trail-focused eMtb can dull down, or overly smooth out a lively local loop. So designing an eMtb platform based on shorter travel opens a whole new area of riding. The BMC Fourstroke LT AMP will also feel friendly and more familiar to riders coming off of an XC-oriented bike than a longer travel trail eMtb.

The BMC Fourstroke LT AMP


With this platform in mind, BMC set out to make an eMtb that pushed the boundaries of what the normal connotations of an e-Bike are. Big downtube and bulky bike? Nope. Only big travel options? Not this one. Heavy? Not even close. Shorter travel, fine frame lines, and a low weight tag make this bike attractive to riders who had their doubts about the bigger and clunkier eMtbs that we've been used to. 

BMC partnered with TQ for the Fourstroke LT AMP's drive system, with the TQ-HPR50 motor pushing 50 Nm of torque from the 350 Wh battery. The TQ motor is a much smaller system than most motors, allowing BMC to design these bikes with chain stays within standard parameters, where some eMtb chain stays get extremely long to compensate for the larger motor shell. 

The Fourstroke LT AMP uses Praxis cranks, available in either carbon or alloy. To control the drive modes, you have two options: There is a two inch LED display on the top tube, showing you the selected mode, as well as battery range. This display can also show your odometer, speed, and battery percentage. The top tube display also has a button to toggle those functions along with your drive mode. There is also a two button remote control unit on the left side of the handlebar that lets you click through the available modes while riding, without taking your hands off the bars.

The BMC Fourstroke LT AMP

  • 50 Nm Motor
  • 120mm of travel 
  • 320 Wh Battery 
  • 457mm Reach
  • 77 Degree Seat Tube Angle 
  • 66.5 Head Tube Angle 

The new Fourstroke LT AMP is one of the very few short travel eMtbs currently available on the market, and features some very fun technology. If you want to see one and test ride it for yourself, feel free to visit us in store. We're more than happy to answer any questions you might have about this awesome new offering from BMC! Call us at 801-364-0344. Or chat us up here on our website. 



  • Hey Mark,
    The weight is in the comments above!

    Isaac Boyden on

  • Hey Dennis, It currently is $8999, and weighs 37.3 pounds for the one we tested, the top end one is lighter.

    Isaac Boyden on

  • Hey Richard! The BMC Fourstroke AMP LT is currently in stock in both our PC and SLC locations. the red one here weighs 37.3 pounds for $8999 (as of right now that could change), and the top end version. comes in under 35 lbs!!

    Isaac Boyden on

  • Weight and cost. Do you have in stock in PC or SLC??

    Richard Edwin Marriott on

  • What’s the weight lbs and how much $$$?

    Dennis on

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