The Contender Ten Best Bikes of 2021

The Contender Ten Best Bikes of 2021

Written by Contender Bicycles, on December 20, 2021

We’ve just about seen it all this year, but 2021 has brought us some of our favorite bikes yet. Over the next ten days, we’ll highlight those bikes – custom or otherwise – to round out the year and end it on a high note. Follow the list below to see the complete list.

Be sure to make your way back just about every day until the end of the year where we’ll have a new bike. Additionally, you can see our ten best bikes of the year on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Day ONE (December 20th, 2021) - A Candy Red TIME Alpe d'Huez 01

Orbea Oiz TR

Day TWO (December 21st, 2021) - An Ultralight Orbea Oiz TR

Day THREE (December 22nd, 2021) - A Swooping Pinarello Dogma F

Day FOUR (December 23rd, 2021) - A Radical Klein Attitude

Day FIVE (December 24th, 2021) - A Ferrari Red 3T Strada RTP

Day SIX (December 27th, 2021) - A Lavender OPEN WIDE RTP

Day SEVEN (December 28th, 2021) - An All-Road Moots Vamoots RC

Day EIGHT (December 29th, 2021) - A Dialed SCOTT Genius Tuned AXS

Day NINE (December 30th, 2021) - A Royal Blue BMC Teammachine

Day TEN (December 31st, 2021) - An Aggressive Santa Cruz Blur CC


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