The ENVE Fray

The ENVE Fray

Written by Isaac Boyden, on April 11, 2024

In the cycling realm, ENVE aims to provide exceptional quality, top-tier performance, and featherlight construction. They're a top choice for cyclists who value premium gear and prioritize performance above all else. From their SES line to the ENVE Melee and Mog road race and gravel bikes, ENVE has continually demonstrated their commitment to speed and high-end components. The Melee is racing in the World Tour for 2024, and ENVE 4.5 SES wheels have had more individual wins under them in the last two years in the World Tour peloton than almost any other wheel.

However, the all-new ENVE Fray breaks away from the need for speed. While ENVE has historically leaned into velocity, the Fray disrupts that narrative, emerging as what they dub "the definitive all-road machine."

The ENVE Fray

Endurance, All-Road, Gravel 

Endurance road bikes are designed for long-distance riding, offering a balance of comfort and performance. They typically feature a more relaxed geometry compared to race bikes, which translates to a more upright riding position and greater stability. Endurance bikes often incorporate features such as wider tire clearance, vibration-dampening technology, and additional compliance in the frame to enhance comfort over rough roads. 

What sets the ENVE Fray apart from traditional endurance bikes is its remarkable tire clearance, accommodating tires ranging from 38-40c. This expansive clearance is particularly impressive, although it is constrained by the choice of drivetrain setup. Opting for a front derailleur reduces the clearance to 38c, while 40c is exclusively for 1x configurations. In contrast, conventional endurance bikes typically support tire sizes of up to 32-35c, depending on the specific model or brand. 

The ENVE Fray

That begs the follow-up question, why isn't this a gravel bike? And the answer is again, tire clearance. While this bike does have an awesomely large tire clearance, the frame is still optimized to perform best on a 31-35mm tire in terms of ride feel and ability. Catering to a wide range of riders seeking versatility and adaptability across various terrains, the Fray embodies the spirit of all ride types, earning its title as the people's bike.

Every-Day Riders' Needs

The Fray is meant to be ideal for the modern, every day rider with the bike prioritizing long days, comfort, and less race-orientated geo. Being centered around a 35mm tire is perfect for comfort, with higher volume tires helping smooth out the roads and corner with more confidence. The frame’s lay-up still has ENVE’s signature touch to it, lightweight and durable. It may be a little heavier than a Melee but light enough for all everyday riders. 

The ENVE Fray

This bike is all about user experience. For ease of serviceability, this bike uses a T47 bottom bracket, which means no presses or punches are needed for BB changes and a reduced chance of creaking. A UDH rear derailleur hanger means no more calling bike shops all over town when you travel and something goes wrong. The frame also features an in-frame storage solution, the same on the Mog, for snacks, repair kits, or a spare jacket. This idea of user experience is even further hammered in with the fit experience. When you buy the rolling chassis of this bike, you can choose stem length, bar width, and seat post offset, all so you can get the fit right the first time. 

Bike Details

  • 38c 2x tire clearance, 40c on 1 
  • Optimized for 31-35c tires 
  • Fender compatibility 
  • Rolling chassis options 
  • In-frame storage 
  • 2cm higher stack height than a Melee 
  • Longer wheelbase than a Melee 
  • Steeper headtube than a Mog 
  • UDH derailleur hanger 
  • T47 threaded BB 
  • Can run 1x or 2x 
  • Uses the Enve Best-Fit Calculator for fitting 
  • Still aerodynamically optimized for the SES wheels 
  • Uses the ENVE In-Route System for cabling 
  • No mechanical SRAM or Campy groupset compatibility
  • No Campy EPS compatibility 
  • While it is UDH, no SRAM Transmission drivetrain compatibility due to chainstay length
  • Max Chainring size of 55t 
  • Top-tube bolt mounting points 


The Fray has a fairly balanced geometry, not too steep, not too slack—providing just the right amount of trail for a ride that's both invigorating and confidence-boosting. It's all about unleashing pure performance, whether you're conquering long stretches of road, navigating rough terrain, or exploring any path in between.

Similar to its counterpart, the Melee, the Fray stands out with its inclusion of four fork rakes—a feature that sets it apart from other brands. This change between frame sizes makes sure that the Fray is perfectly sized to you, the rider to it's fullest potential.

The ENVE FrayThe ENVE Fray geometry


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