The Giro Vulc Gloves bring the heat!

The Giro Vulc Gloves bring the heat!

Written by Madeleine Whitley, on December 20, 2023

Riding with cold hands is exactly no-one's idea of a good time. Besides the discomfort, cold hands can lead to distraction and even diminished control on the bike, taking things from bad to worse. Luckily, ultra-cold weather glove options have gotten better and better, and the new Giro Vulc heated gloves will take your winter riding to a blissful new level of comfort. 

Available in both a mid-weight outer glove and a lighter weight liner version, the Vulc gloves employ an innovative and easily rechargeable power pack to literally bring the heat. We've seen some other heated gloves come and go over the years, but the Vulc lineup might just redefine comfort and protection from the elements on winter rides. 

The Giro Vulc Gloves
Innovative tech, lightweight package

At the core of the Giro Vulc Glove series lies cutting-edge heating technology from Inuheat PowerPacks. This innovation seamlessly incorporates ultra-thin heating elements into the gloves, providing nearly invisible warmth. The Smart Garment Connectors act as intelligent links between the Inuheat Power Packs and the gloves, transferring the power to the heat circuits via magnets, for increased efficiency and reliability. The Power Packs are sold separately, but can transfer to both Vulc glove variants as well as other products that use the InuHeat system.

Ten customizable heat levels are easily controlled via the large button on the Power Packs or a sleek smartphone app. Each charge provides up to 7 hours of warmth, ensuring a comfortable ride in temperatures up to 40 degrees F down to well below freezing. The liner version of the Vulc is a medium-lightweight Merino wool blend and relatively minimal. As such, the liner version needs to be worn under (and protected by) an outer shell glove. The mid-weight outer glove features a windproof, water-resistant softshell backhand and a cozy softshell palm with microfleece lining. Both variants feature a gap-free gauntlet cuff that both accommodates the Power Packs and ensures excellent coverage. 

The Giro Vulc Gloves

Essential Features for Enhanced Visibility and Comfort

 Along with the extended cuff, the reflective fourchettes and logos add enhanced visibility so you're both snug and seen. Night rides in extreme cold can now take on a whole new level of comfort. All of the Vulc gloves feature Touchscreen Technology too, so you can keep scrolling without freezing your fingertips off. Handy for when you're checking your charge level on the app, or taking that selfie to prove you were out on the bike in questionable temps!

Embrace the cold for a change

While the Vulc glove system is a bit more of an investment than a traditional winter glove, they offer a solution that for many may be the difference between riding and not riding. For cyclists that may deal with Raynaud's Syndrome, circulatory issues, or just plain don't enjoy cold hands, the Vulc gloves may be a game changer. The programmable warmth provides versatility to go along with the overall comfortable fit, and the ease of USB charging removes some of the hassle associated with previous (especially battery powered) versions of heated gloves. If you were to put a price on an ideal, comfortable winter ride, it would certainly be more than what the Vulc system will set you back. The Giro Vulc Gloves


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