Welcome Mondraker

Welcome Mondraker

Written by Isaac Boyden, on March 30, 2024

New to us but not new to the world, Mondraker bikes recently joined our family of brands at Contender Bicycles. Since 2001, Mondraker has been a trailblazer in mountain biking operating from their headquarters and factory in Alicante, Spain. They've been pivotal in shaping modern MTB geometry, particularly with their 'Mondraker Forward Geometry,' which started the 'longer, lower, slacker' trend that has since become the standard in the industry.

Forward Geometry Concept

In recent years, this design philosophy has influenced leading XC bikes such as the SCOTT Spark, Santa Cruz Blur, Orbea Oiz, and Specialized Epic to go longer and lower. Mondraker's history with gravity and downhill racing informs their approach, shown by longer front centers and shorter stems. While these features may seem commonplace now, they were revolutionary when Mondraker introduced them.

Although Mondraker has been a fixture in the European cycling scene for decades, it's only been in the past five years that they've expanded to the USA. We're thrilled to welcome them to our shop and share their innovative products with our customers across the country.

Mondraker Lineup

Mondraker's commitment to pushing boundaries is evident in their diverse lineup as well. This is reflected in bikes like the F-Play, a kid's full-suspension e-bike, in either 24” or 26” wheels. Combine that with 120mm of travel on the 24, and 140mm of travel on the 26” you have one of the only e-bike full suspension trail bikes sized for kids in existence, ready to let you rip the trails with young ones.

The Raze Carbon RR SL is a forward-thinking 130mm rear, 150mm front trail bike, one of the lightest in its class as well, but with real 4 piston brakes and suspension, ready to be pushed hard on every descent without letting riders feel to worn out on the climb back up. For your everyday rider, the Raze is a key to a good time.

Mondraker F-Podium

For the lycra-loving riders out there, the F-Podium R is the key to XC performance. With world cup racing blood and a 110mm rear travel with progressive geometry, it’s an XC bike that can be pushed hard and rough, and the XC bike that started to long and low trend in that category.

Mondraker also features e-bikes like the Neat RR SL which give you the hard charging 150/160mm travel platform a lot of people love, with a motorized kick from TQ motors. Ready to be thrashed lap after lap.

The bike that landed Mondraker on the map is the Foxy. The Foxy enduro bike is a 150mm rear, 170mm front enduro bike that is meant to let riders push as hard as they can, all day, every day. All of these are infused with the DNA of race performance to offer every rider the ultimate biking experience. 

Welcome Mondraker!


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