Bearclaw Poppy

Bearclaw Poppy

Written by Contender Bicycles, on February 12, 2024

Bearclaw Poppy offers something for everyone, especially beginners and those new to mountain biking. It's a smooth roller coaster and a blast for everyone. There are a few challenging sections, but they are brief and clearly marked. The trail is two way with one way uphill on the left side and downhill coming on all other trails. Be sure to look at the sign at the trailhead to make sure you head off in the right direction. This fast and fun loop starts at the end of Navajo Drive in the Bloomington neighborhood of Saint George. To minimize two-way traffic, ride this trail in a figure eight, crossing over at the base of the Acid Drops section. The first few miles of the Bearclaw network are a bit of a maze, but the trails do come together as you ride, so most any trail will get you there. 

To start this ride, cross the fence and take the Bloomington Micro Loop Trail on your left and follow it for about two miles to the base of the Acid Drops (steep hills coming through the pass to the north). The Bloomington Micro Loop is uphill only. Downhill traffic has the right-of-way on the north trail (Bearclaw Poppy Trail). 

From there, cross over the Bearclaw Poppy Trail, but don’t follow it through the pass over to Green Valley. Rather, continue along the base of the bluff to Stucki Springs (mile 5.0) turn left and make your way over toward the small dry wash. Take another left at about mile 6 and drop into the wash. This is the Snake Pit section. Let the fun begin. It is a ripping fast and smooth trial down through the wash. As the wash opens up, take a left back up to the base of the Acid Drops and go back down the Bearclaw Poppy roller coaster.

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