Soapstone Basin

Written by Contender Staff, on March 03, 2021

A common misconception we hear frequently hear is that there is nowhere to ride a gravel bike in the Salt Lake City and Park City areas. Know where to look, and you’ll find high plains dirt roads that show off a combination of fir, aspen, and broad meadows. Soapstone Basin is frequently done on ATV, but is far more interesting on a gravel bike. Some parts of the road get loose, and other parts of these roads are never to be confused with the glass-smooth gravel in the Midwest, but few things match the beauty of Soapstone Basin.

Soapstone Basin is a network of dirt roads with varying amounts of dirt, gravel, and loose rock. Start at the intersection of UT-35 and Soapstone Basin Road, and follow it north to a fork in the road. From here, there are a number of options one can take, many of which lead to quality campsites, with access to fishing and canoeing. Note that due to its high elevation, it’s unlikely that the roads will be clear of snow until late May or early June.

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