Ryan Littlefield

Written by Goodwin Media, on March 03, 2021

At the heart and sole of Contender Bicycles you’ll find Alison and Ryan Littlefield. Owners of the shop since 1999, the Littlefields have grown Contender Bicycles from Salt Lake City’s best bike shop to one of the largest and most respected bike shops in the country. Ryan started working at Contender in 1988 when he was in high school and it’s been his home for more than 30 years. Alison and Ryan both raced at the highest level locally and regionally with Ryan managing the most successful racing team Utah has seen. The Littlefields are parents to twin daughters and a pair of rescue Corgis named Penny and Tia. Even though the Littlefields comes from a competitive racing background, they’ve embraced e-bikes and not just because they sell them. E-bikes have made cycling more accessible to a large number of riders who might not otherwise be enjoying life on two wheels.

Hometown:  Salt Lake City

How long in SLC/Utah:  Lifer

Job/Role at Contender:  Owner.  

When did you start working at Contender:  1988.  (circa Biopace and Suntour Superbe Pro).

Favorite Ride:  Flagstaff/9k trail Loop.

Current Favorite Bike:  Open Wide

Dream Bike: M OPEN ONE+ mountain bike....because after three years, I still cannot believe how much fun it is!  

Fun Fact: I LOVE Ebikes!