Challenge Almanzo Tire 700x33c Components Challenge
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Challenge Almanzo Tire 700x33c

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The Challenge Almanzo Tire is a 700x33c tubular tire designed for cyclocross and gravel riding. It features a 300TPI (threads per inch) casing, which is a high-quality construction that provides a supple and comfortable ride while also improving puncture resistance. 

The tire's tread pattern is optimized for off-road riding, with aggressive knobs that provide plenty of grip on loose and muddy terrain. The tire's width is also ideal for riding on rough surfaces, providing a stable and confident ride while absorbing bumps and vibrations.

One thing to keep in mind with tubular tires like the Challenge Almanzo is that they require a special rim designed for tubular tires. They also require gluing or taping the tire to the rim, which can be a bit more involved than simply mounting a clincher tire.

The Challenge Almanzo Tire is a great choice for cyclocross and gravel riders looking for a high-performance tire that can handle challenging terrain while still providing a comfortable ride.

  • Size: 700x33c

  • Type: Tubular

  • Casing: 300TPI (threads per inch)

  • Tread: Aggressive knobs for off-road riding

  • Weight: 380 grams

  • Recommended pressure: 30-90 PSI (2.1-6.2 bar)

  • Rim compatibility: Requires a special rim designed for tubular tires

  • Gluing/taping required: Yes

  • Intended use: Cyclocross, gravel riding

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