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Contender Bicycles Striped Cycling Cap

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The humble cycling cap transcends typical road riding. In the 1960's the cycling cap was the mark of a cyclist who took their craft seriously, professional or not. Further, these hats have found themselves donned by the great Mars Blackmon (or Spike Lee, if you will) and a myriad of other cultural figureheads. The Contender Bicycles Striped Cycling Cap isn't necessarily the start of a cultural renaissance, but its classic silhouette is sure to be a practical and stylish addition to a cyclist's wardrobe.

The Contender Bicycles Striped Cycling Cap is functional and useful. This cap is a master at keeping the sun out of the eyes, absorbing sweat, and keeping rain and muck at bay. It works simultaneously to keep the head cool during sun-drenched rides or keep out wind chill when warmth is at a premium.

This cap is one size fits all, with blue, green, or red stripes. It uses 65% polyester and 35% cotton blend.

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