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DMT GK1 Gravel Shoe

SKU: 210000131666

DMT GK1 Gravel Shoe

Brand: DMT
Categories: Footwear
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Product Description

The evolution of speed in all-road cycling shoes is taking shape with the DMT GK1 Gravel Shoe with a 3D printed knit style that is among the lightest and most comfortable in the peloton. 

The comfort and breathability of knit for the rigors of gravel riding. Full knit construction for a very light shoe with great breathability that has just enough stretch to perfectly match your foot shape.

Integrated laces, reflective highlights and reinforced for mud and abrasion protection where it matters the most. The dual stifness Michelin® sole has a specifc compound combined with the tread design, geometry and lug shape, that has been designed to offer traction and grip when you need control on the ground.


Size Chart

375 1/2
396 3/4
407 1/2
418 1/4
439 3/4
4410 3/4
4511 1/2
4612 1/4