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Giro Insurgent Spherical Helmet

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Giro Insurgent Spherical Helmet

Brand: Giro
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Crashing is never the plan. But as technology, skills and imagination continually let us push the envelope, our safety equipment needs to more than keep up. The Giro Insurgent Spherical full face-helmet brings Optimized protection for riders redefining what is possible in progressive gravity mountain biking. 

In partnership with Mips, Giro’s unique Ball-and-Socket Spherical Technology design redirects impact forces, bringing market-leading design, performance, and brain protection together without compromising comfort, ventilation, weight, or style.

Giro’s engineers have also maximized the Insurgent Spherical’s intake points for cool, fresh air, resulting in cooling power 50% more efficient than its predecessor the Giro Disciple. It also weighs in 200 grams lighter, at a svelte 1040 grams in a size M/L. 

Additional features include two sets of cheek pads to help customize fit, a patent-pending Flex Gasket along the lower edge of the helmet (designed to reduce the role a helmet can play in certain collarbone impacts), tool-free breakaway visor bolts with integrated Allen key receiver for easy removal, and a central visor bolt hole, which does double-duty as the ideal mount for P.O.V. action cameras.

Lighter, safer, and more comfortable, the Giro Insurgent Spherical sets a new standard for full-face helmets.


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