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Intense Tracer Pro

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Intense Tracer Pro

Brand: Intense
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With 27.5” wheels and 165/170mm of travel, the Intense Tracer 275 is a hard hitting long travel enduro machine. With great handling characteristics the Tracer loves high speeds and is right at home on endless gnarly challenging trails, being thrown around on laps in the bike park, slashing berms or Enduro race stages. Just point and go.

The Tracer loves to hit steep, rough descents, but it’s also a bike that you can ride all day. It’s versatile, it’s like a mini downhill bike that can climb. Sharing many similarities with our Carbine, its bigger wheeled but shorter travel sibling, the Tracer is as equally at home over the jumps or in the Alpine. The smaller wheels make it slightly more responsive and maneuverable, and better suited to tighter trails.

At home on rough and challenging trails the Tracer can also climb any technical or longer drawn-out ascents with ease. The climbing position on the bike is perfect and when things get technical the suspension remains active all the time to provide excellent traction and great pedaling efficiency. The Tracer is fast everywhere.

We talk a lot about JS Tuned here at INTENSE. JS stands for Jeff Steber (our founder and CEO) and simply put it is a system that focuses on all of the individual parts that make up one of our bikes: from suspension, geometry, wheel size, materials and component spec. The key element of JS Tuned is our suspension system that uses two counter-rotating links to connect the front and rear triangles of the bike. The links are specifically placed to allow for separation between the pedaling and braking forces from the suspension performance. Every model in our range has its own personal and specific JS tune.