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Look Delta Cleats

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Look Delta Cleats

Brand: Look
Categories: Pedals
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 Look Delta Cleats are a type of cleat that attaches to the sole of compatible cycling shoes and is designed for use with Look's clipless pedal system. The Delta Cleat features a three-bolt design that provides a secure and efficient connection to the pedal.

One of the key features of Look Delta Cleats is their fixed float design. Unlike other clipless pedal systems that offer adjustable float, Look Delta Cleats have a fixed degree of rotational movement when clipped into the pedal. This can provide a stable and secure platform for the foot, which can be especially helpful for riders who prefer a more rigid pedaling experience.

The Look Delta Cleat is also known for its durability, with a tough construction that can withstand the demands of road cycling. The cleat is designed to shed dirt and debris, which helps to maintain a smooth and reliable connection to the pedal.

The Look Delta Cleat is easy to install and adjust, with clear markings that make it easy to line up the cleat on the shoe. The cleat is compatible with a range of Look clipless pedals, including the popular Delta and Keo models.

The 9-degree float version is designed to allow for a greater degree of rotational movement when clipped into the pedal, which can help to reduce stress on the knees and improve overall pedaling efficiency.