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Maxxis Rambler Tire

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Maxxis Rambler Tire

Brand: Maxxis
Categories: Tires
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The Maxxis Rambler Tire is our go to option for cyclocross and gravel bikes. Designed for speed and control, the Rambler incorporates tightly packed center knobs that are ramped for rolling efficienty on hardpack roads. The tire also includes side knobs that are spaced wider than other tires that provide predicable cornering in loose terrain.

The Maxxis Rambler Tire is available in sizes 700 x 38c and 700 x 40c and is offered with two levels of protection. Maxxis EXO technology provides an extra layer of protection that helps reduce cuts in the sidewalls of the tire. Maxxis SilkShield technology is an anti-puncture found in the casing of the tire that helps reduce the risk of punctures and flat tires. Lastly, the Maxxis Rambler Tire is offered in 60 TPI or 120 TPI and is tubeless-ready.