Rapha Pro Team Overshoes


Rapha Pro Team Overshoes

Brand: Rapha
Categories: Socks
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Product Description

You don’t need to be signed to a World Tour cycling team to treat your feet as if you were. The Rapha Pro Team Overshoes will keep your feet dry even in the nastiest of downpours.

Professional cyclists give their feet the ultimate in tender loving care. With the Rapha Pro Team Overshoes your feet will feel like they’re part of the Tour de France on a rainy day.

Designed to the world’s most demanding cyclists’ specifications, the Rapha Pro Team Overshoes are waterproof, stretchable and breathable - giving you solid protection when you decide weather is no obstacle to your next ride.

The technical upper fabric is waterproof yet very breathable. The Rapha Pro Team Overshoes are also designed to provide a tight, snug fit on the shoe. Holes for the cleats and heels provide an extra layer of protection to the kevlar abrasion-resistant sole. 

Rainy conditions often mean low light visibility. A large reflective stripe on the back draws attention to your pedalling motion while riding while the bright pink or white stripes stand out regardless of the conditions.

A water resistant zipper in back keeps road spray and rain from soaking into the foot, keeping you dry and moving through the rain.

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