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Rene Herse Switchback Hill Tire

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Rene Herse Switchback Hill Tire

Brand: Rene Herse
Categories: Tires
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The Switchback Hill tire draws inspiration from the demanding Oregon Outback route, offering a lightweight, fast, and comfortable ultra-wide 650B option. Its design provides extra flotation for loose gravel, ensuring speed and stability on rough terrain. With a tread that balances durability and speed, it performs well on both gravel and pavement. The tire comes in multiple casing options: the Standard casing for affordability and strength, the Extralight casing for enhanced performance and comfort, and the Endurance casing for added sidewall protection and puncture resistance. Tubeless compatibility is a feature, and SealSmart sealant is recommended for tubeless setup. Whether conquering challenging gravel or enjoying fast-paced rides, the Switchback Hill tire delivers exceptional performance and versatility.