2021 Scott Addict RC 20


2021 Scott Addict RC 20

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2021 SCOTT Addict RC 20 2021 SCOTT Addict RC 20

2021 SCOTT Addict RC 20

SCOTT’s RC designation typically stands for Racing Concept. The 2021 SCOTT Addict RC 20 road bicycle might get confused for Really Cheap, though, as it’s a high end racing machine with a thrifty price tag.


Product Description

The 2021 SCOTT Addict RC 20 road bicycle looks every bit like its racing siblings in the SCOTT Addict family - until you hit the cash register. That’s where the SCOTT Addict RC 20’s bang for buck kicks in and you start making plans for all the coin you saved.

Starting out with the Addict HMX carbon frame and fork, the SCOTT Addict RC 20 has a super lightweight foundation. Add to that a great selection of high quality, but budget friendly, components and few will know the bike you’re riding can compete with almost any bike in the peloton while costing about half as much as many other bikes.

Built up with a SRAM Force eTap AXS 2x12 speed drivetrain, the SCOTT Addict RC 20 provides exquisite response to accelerations and changes in route condition. When the road gets steep really fast, the drivetrain quickly changes gears and limits any lost momentum as you launch into an uphill attack. Tuck into the breakaway and flip the switch to sprint in an instant.

The Syncros Creston integrated handlebar keeps all cables and wire hidden from view, increasing aerodynamics and dialing in an exceptionally beautiful bike.

Smooth, responsive rolling with the Schwable ONE Race-Guard tires and Syncros RP2.0 disc wheels give you a dependable footing no matter the race condition.

Weighing just a hair more than 17 pounds, the SCOTT Addict RC 20 belongs in the thick of the race. Hop on and join in on the fun.

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  • Lightweight? Obviously. Fast? You betcha. Now with more integration than ever before, the all NEW Addict RC Ultimate will give you all the competitive advantage you need, should that be for taking your town’s KOMs one by one, sprinting to that mountain top finish or edging out the rest of the field in your local criterium.
    bike condition 1
    HIGH-PERFORMANCE ROAD Please check the Bike Manual Section for more information
  • Frame
    Addict RC Disc HMX SL Road Race geometry / Replaceable Derailleur Hanger internal cable routing
  • Fork
    Addict RC HMX SL Flatmount Disc 1 ¼” – 1 ½” Eccentric Carbon fork steerer
  • Rear Derailleur
    SRAM RED eTap AXS 24 Speed Electronic Shift System
  • Front Derailleur
    SRAM RED eTap AXS Electronic Shift System
  • Shifters
    SRAM RED eTap AXS HRD Shift-Brake System Electronic Shift System
  • Crankset
    SRAM RED Crankset 48/35 T
  • BB-Set
  • Chain
  • Cassette
    SRAM RED XG1290 10-33
  • Brakes
    SRAM RED eTap AXS HRD Shift-Brake System Flatmount 160/F and 160/R Centerline XR rotor
  • Handlebar
    Syncros Creston iC SL Carbon combo
  • Seatpost
    Syncros Duncan SL Aero
  • Seat
    Syncros Belcarra Regular 1.0
  • Headset
    Syncros Addict RC Integrated
  • Wheelset
    Zipp 202 NSW Disc Carbon clincher tubeless ready, Syncros thru-axle plug-in SL
  • Tires
    Schwalbe PRO ONE Microskin, TL-Easy, Fold 700x28C
  • Approx weights in KG
  • Approx weights in LBS


Ahead tube angle70.5 °71.0 °72.0 °72.5 °73.0 °73.3 °73.3 °
Bhead tube length97.0 mm102.0 mm115.0 mm135.0 mm155.0 mm175.0 mm193.0 mm
Ctop tube horizontal520.0 mm530.0 mm540.0 mm550.0 mm565.0 mm580.0 mm600.0 mm
Dstandover height720.0 mm740.0 mm755.0 mm778.0 mm798.0 mm818.0 mm838.0 mm
EBB offset-70.0 mm-70.0 mm-70.0 mm-70.0 mm-70.0 mm-70.0 mm-70.0 mm
FBB height274.5 mm274.5 mm274.5 mm274.5 mm274.5 mm274.5 mm274.5 mm
Gwheel base987.5 mm994.0 mm991.0 mm992.0 mm1,000.0 mm1,008.0 mm1,023.0 mm
HBB center to toptube center410.0 mm430.0 mm460.0 mm480.0 mm500.0 mm520.0 mm550.0 mm
IBB center to top of seattube470.0 mm490.0 mm520.0 mm540.0 mm560.0 mm580.0 mm610.0 mm
Jseat angle74.5 °74.5 °74.0 °73.6 °73.3 °73.0 °72.5 °
Kchainstay410.0 mm410.0 mm410.0 mm410.0 mm410.0 mm410.0 mm410.0 mm
Lreach380.0 mm388.0 mm389.0 mm390.0 mm395.0 mm400.0 mm410.0 mm
Mstack504.0 mm511.0 mm526.5 mm548.0 mm568.5 mm588.0 mm606.0 mm
Nstem length90.0 mm90.0 mm100.0 mm110.0 mm110.0 mm120.0 mm120.0 mm
Ocentre saddle - centre bar (hor.)635.0 mm650.0 mm674.0 mm694.0 mm710.0 mm736.0 mm761.0 mm
Pcentre saddle - centre bar (vert.)92.0 mm105.0 mm106.0 mm103.0 mm100.0 mm106.0 mm115.0 mm
Qreach centre bar454.0 mm463.0 mm474.0 mm485.0 mm492.0 mm507.0 mm518.0 mm
Rstack centre bar563.0 mm570.0 mm586.0 mm607.0 mm627.5 mm649.0 mm667.0 mm
Ahead tube angle70.5 °71.0 °72.0 °72.5 °73.0 °73.3 °73.3 °
Bhead tube length3.8 in4.0 in4.5 in5.3 in6.1 in6.9 in7.6 in
Ctop tube horizontal20.5 in20.9 in21.3 in21.7 in22.2 in22.8 in23.6 in
Dstandover height28.3 in29.1 in29.7 in30.6 in31.4 in32.2 in33.0 in
EBB offset-2.8 in-2.8 in-2.8 in-2.8 in-2.8 in-2.8 in-2.8 in
FBB height10.8 in10.8 in10.8 in10.8 in10.8 in10.8 in10.8 in
Gwheel base38.9 in39.1 in39.0 in39.1 in39.4 in39.7 in40.3 in
HBB center to toptube center16.1 in16.9 in18.1 in18.9 in19.7 in20.5 in21.7 in
IBB center to top of seattube18.5 in19.3 in20.5 in21.3 in22.0 in22.8 in24.0 in
Jseat angle74.5 °74.5 °74.0 °73.6 °73.3 °73.0 °72.5 °
Kchainstay16.1 in16.1 in16.1 in16.1 in16.1 in16.1 in16.1 in
Lreach15.0 in15.3 in15.3 in15.4 in15.6 in15.7 in16.1 in
Mstack19.8 in20.1 in20.7 in21.6 in22.4 in23.1 in23.9 in
Nstem length3.5 in3.5 in3.9 in4.3 in4.3 in4.7 in4.7 in
Ocentre saddle - centre bar (hor.)25.0 in25.6 in26.5 in27.3 in28.0 in29.0 in30.0 in
Pcentre saddle - centre bar (vert.)3.6 in4.1 in4.2 in4.1 in3.9 in4.2 in4.5 in
Qreach centre bar17.9 in18.2 in18.7 in19.1 in19.4 in20.0 in20.4 in
Rstack centre bar22.2 in22.4 in23.1 in23.9 in24.7 in25.6 in26.3 in