2021 Scott Genius 920


2021 Scott Genius 920

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2021 SCOTT Genius 920 2021 SCOTT Genius 920

2021 SCOTT Genius 920

Love the feel of your 29 inch wheels when you hit the trails but sometimes find yourself longing for the good old days with the 27.5 inch wheels? Grab the 2021 SCOTT Genius 920 full suspension mountain bike and enjoy both.


Product Description

All it takes to switch from a 29 inch wheel setup to 27.5 inches is the wheels, now. With the 2021 SCOTT Genius 920’s unique build, a quick flip of a chip on the shock mount lets you change wheel sizes without the hassle of swapping out a fork. Flip, switch, ride.

That’s only the start with the SCOTT Genius 920, however. Additional functionality comes along with the proprietary TwinLoc Suspension System. Again, all it takes is a flip of a switch to change up the suspension from lockout to trail to descend mode. Go from 150mm travel to 100mm to Lockout on the fly. A Fox Nude TR EVOL shock and Fox 36 Float Performance Elite make a sublime suspension system.

With a flyweight frame making climbing a breeze and rock solid construction to take a beating on the trails, the SCOTT Genius 920 is a true all mountain bike. Any trail, any condition, any time.

A Shimano XT 12-speed drivetrain and Syncros components set up the SCOTT Genius 920 as a race ready bike ready for a race that throws a little bit of everything at you. It’s also simple enough to putter around the hills and the bike park with the kids.

Syncros Revelstroke 2.0 wheels and 2.6 inch Maxxis tires make for an aggressive and responsive connection to the trail. Visit the shop, give us a call, or send us an email anytime to