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Scott Microspline Freehub

SKU: 210000107148

Scott Microspline Freehub

Brand: SCOTT Bikes
Categories: Hubs
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The Scott Microspline Freehub is a high-quality component designed for use with Scott bicycles and Microspline cassettes. It is specifically designed to work with the latest Shimano 12-speed drivetrains, which require a Microspline-compatible freehub.

The Microspline Freehub is made with high-grade materials and advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring that it is both durable and lightweight. It features a standard 12mm axle diameter and is compatible with a wide range of Scott bicycles.

The Microspline Freehub is also designed for easy installation and maintenance. It features a simple bolt-on design that allows you to quickly and easily install or remove it from your hub. This makes it easy to switch between different cassettes or to perform maintenance on your drivetrain.

The Scott Microspline Freehub is a high-quality component that is essential for any cyclist who wants to take advantage of the latest cassette standards and improve their shifting performance. With its durable construction, lightweight design, and easy installation, this component is a must-have for serious cyclists who demand the best from their equipment.



  • Freehub type: Microspline

  • Axle diameter: 12mm

  • Compatibility: Scott bicycles and Microspline cassettes

  • Weight: 90 grams

  • Material: Aluminum alloy

  • Installation: Bolt-on design for easy installation and removal