2021 Scott Scale 965


2021 Scott Scale 965

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The SCOTT Scale 965 is essentially the same bike as the SCOTT Scale 960, but with a healthy dose of Shimano components to go with its lightweight alloy frame to create an exceptional hardtail cross country mountain bike.

The Shimano SLX-Deore 12-speed drivetrain and RockShox Judy Silver fork provide the foundation for your new ride as the 100mm travel takes the sting out of most trails and allows you to focus on speed.

There should be plenty of speed available as the Syncros components handlebar to rims are lightweight and built to last. Complimented by a set of Maxxis Rekon Race tires, the SCOTT Scale 965 is ready to rock and roll.

Priced to please, as well, the SCOTT Scale 965 is a flat out trail machine. If you’re riding goal is to log lots of miles, see countless vistas and enjoy the ride along the way, the SCOTT Scale 965 opens the door to endless adventures.

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Ahead tube angle69.5 °69.5 °69.5 °69.5 °
Bhead tube length95.0 mm3.7 in100.0 mm3.9 in115.0 mm4.5 in125.0 mm4.9 in
Ctop tube horizontal575.0 mm22.6 in600.0 mm23.6 in625.0 mm24.6 in650.0 mm25.6 in
Dstandover height743.0 mm29.3 in774.0 mm30.5 in800.0 mm31.5 in835.1 mm32.9 in
EBB offset-58.0 mm-2.3 in-58.0 mm-2.3 in-58.0 mm-2.3 in-58.0 mm-2.3 in
FBB height312.0 mm12.3 in312.0 mm12.3 in312.0 mm12.3 in312.0 mm12.3 in
Gwheel base1,076.4 mm42.4 in1,101.8 mm43.4 in1,127.9 mm44.4 in1,153.7 mm45.4 in
HBB center to toptube center325.0 mm12.8 in375.0 mm14.8 in415.0 mm16.3 in465.0 mm18.3 in
IBB center to top of seattube390.0 mm15.4 in440.0 mm17.3 in480.0 mm18.9 in530.0 mm20.9 in
Jseat angle73.6 °73.6 °73.6 °73.6 °
Kchainstay425.0 mm16.7 in425.0 mm16.7 in425.0 mm16.7 in425.0 mm16.7 in
Lreach398.7 mm15.7 in422.3 mm16.6 in443.2 mm17.4 in465.5 mm18.3 in
Mstack599.0 mm23.6 in603.6 mm23.8 in617.7 mm24.3 in627.1 mm24.7 in
Nstem length60.0 mm2.4 in70.0 mm2.8 in80.0 mm3.1 in90.0 mm3.5 in
0trail83.9 mm3.3 in83.9 mm3.3 in83.9 mm3.3 in83.9 mm3.3 in