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SRAM XX Eagle AXS Transmission Groupset

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SRAM XX Eagle AXS Transmission Groupset

Brand: SRAM
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The SRAM XX Eagle AXS Transmission Groupset is a masterpiece of engineering that effortlessly balances incredible durability with jaw-dropping lightweight construction. It is designed to take on the most epic days on the trails and transform the way we shift our mountain bikes. Enduro riders, this one is for you.

Eagle AXS Transmission's Hangerless Interface uses the Universal Derailleur Hanger's widely adopted frame design to work around the rear axle's center. This opens up the possibility for perfect shifting, eliminates unnecessary parts, and ensures all other features work perfectly. Transmission's super strong Full Mount design clamps around both sides of the frame, eliminating the need for a hanger. The durable design extends the lifespan of the components, while providing flawless shifting even under the most grueling climbs. 

SRAM's tried-and-true XX carbon crankarm is the backbone of this powerful crankset. With their innovative foam core design, these bad boys offer a level of strength and stability that is simply unparalleled. The crankset also includes a removable bashguard to protect your chainring on more rugged terrain so the only thing you need to worry about is crushing the competition.

The XX Eagle AXS 12 Speed Chain has been specifically engineered with its flat top design to maximizes shifting performance and robustness.  All while bringing a modern twist to the look of your bike with its outer plate cutouts. What you get is an unprecedented strength-to-weight ratio.

Finally, the AXS Pod 2-Button Controller features a “click and fire” two-button design that offers a vastly superior range of adjustability. With a unique flippable design, AXS Pods can be mounted left or right handed, making it a versatile option for riders looking to personalize their button assignments through the AXS App.

The XX Eagle AXS Transmission Groupset from SRAM strikes the ideal balance between durability and weight reduction, making it a prime choice for the most grueling trails. The T-Type components of the Eagle Transmission system are all compatible with each other, giving riders the freedom to mix and match as they please.

It's important to note that SRAM Eagle AXS Transmission Groupsets are only compatible with frames equipped with UDH (Universal Derailleur Hanger) technology. To check for frame compatibility, riders should use SRAM's UDH Frame Compatibility Finder Tool. Additionally, Eagle Transmission components, including the derailleur, chain, cassette, and cranks, are not cross-compatible with other SRAM groups.



*Please note that specifications are subject to change without prior notice
Speed 1x12 Speed
Shifter CompatibilityAXS Transmission
Shift MechanismElectronic (Wireless)
Max Cog52T
Bottom Bracket Compatibility SRAM DUB (BB not included)
Crank MaterialCarbon w/ Foam Core
WeightsDerailleur: 465g
Pod Controller: 48g
Crankset: 750g
Cassette: 380g
Chain: 247g
IncludesAXS Transmission Derailleur w/ Battery, Charger and Cord
AXS XD Transmission Cassette
AXS Pod Controller
AXS Transmission T-type Flattop Chain
SRAM Chain sizing guide