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Time ATAC XC 6 Pedals

SKU: 210000068379

Time ATAC XC 6 Pedals

Brand: TIME Bikes
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The TIME ATAC XC 6 Pedals are the perfect pedal for technical cross country riding and cyclocross racing. Built around TIME's legendary ATAC cleat system for quick and easy engagement making conquering even the most technical terrain a breeze. The ATAC cleat/pedal system is built to accommodate a large engagement angle, so clipping in has never never been more intuitive allowing you to focus on the terrain ahead. The engineers at TIME also designed the XC 6 with the best debris shedding properties of any pedal available meaning you'll never be stuck in your pedals no matter the conditions. The composite body of the ATAX XC line of pedals is large enough to provide confident pedal contact, and eliminate hotspots on long rides without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. The stamped dual-arches of the XC 6 will stand up to years of abuse, while the hollow steel axle helps keep weight down to a World Championship worthy 145g. The TIME ATAC XC 6 Pedals provide the rider the choice between 13 and 17 degrees of float to fit your riding style. For those looking to perfectly tune their pedals to their riding the XC 6 allow for the tuning of float tension, increasing or decreasing the ease at which your foot can move within the allowable float, helping to control your bike like no other pedal.