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Time Xpresso 4 Pedals

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Time Xpresso 4 Pedals

Brand: TIME Bikes
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The Time Xpresso 4 Pedals utilize TIME’s revolutionary iClic system to offer a highly adjustable, lightweight and affordable pedal. The TIME Xpresso 4 is built around a composite body and carbon fiber leaf spring help to keep the weight down to an astonishingly light 112g/pedal. Utilizing TIME’s revolutionary iClic system results in a safer, easier to use pedal with one of the most race winning pedigree’s in cycling history. TIME engineered the Xpresso pedal to stay “cocked” in the open position when disengaging from the pedal. This dramatically decreases the force necessary to step into the pedal. In addition to being easy to find with your foot the Xpresso 4’s oversized, 700 square mm, pedal platform results in incredible power transfer and helps eliminate the formation of hotspots on long rides.

With their Xpresso system TIME take safety to a whole new level. In addition to the heel float common to most pedals on the market, the Time Xpresso 4 Pedals offer +/- 5 degrees, TIME has also engineered 2.5mm of lateral freedom, allowing your foot an extra degree of freedom during the repetitive motion of pedaling and enhancing joint safety. Taking safety and performance to the next level the iClic cleat system also allows the rider to adjust the Q-factor 2.6mm, allowing you to find the optimal position to enhance performance and avoid injury.

A stainless steel axel and replaceable pedal platform mean the TIME Xpresso 4 pedals will stand up to years of use.