2022 Orbea Rise Hydro Buyer's Guide - Similar Performance, Lower Price

2022 Orbea Rise Hydro Buyer's Guide

Written by Contender Bicycles, on December 02, 2021

Leave it to Orbea to Rise to the occasion - again.

Following the successful launch of the Orbea Rise full suspension, pedal assist mountain bike in 2021, Orbea expands the family with a new aluminum frame version of the wildly popular carbon frame Rise. 

Conventional wisdom regarding full-suspension pedal assist mountain bikes is that they’re either ridiculously expensive or ridiculously heavy - sometimes both.

Orbea has taken that convention and thrown it out the window with the release of the new 2022 Orbea Rise H Series bikes with 140mm Fox Factory Suspension travel for a sweet blend of cross country and trail riding capabilities, the perfect aluminum frame complement to the carbon frame M Series line of Rise bikes launched less than a year ago. 

2022 orbea rise h30 bike contender bicycles

Similarities Between the Rise Carbon and Rise Hydro

For clarity, M = Monocoque Carbon, and H = Hydroformed Aluminum.

Built with much of the same design and specs of the 2021 Rise carbon bikes, the 2022 Orbea Rise H Series offers three models that continue to redefine the genre and open the door to riding to more riders than ever. The Rise H10, Rise H15, and Rise H30 present multiple builds with their respective components and price points. We’ll break those down a bit later.

Orbea Rise Geometry Chart
1 - Seat Tube (C-T) 381 419 457 508
2 - Top Tube (EFF) 565 592 619 649
3 - Head Tube 95 105 120 140
4 - Chainstay 445 445 445 445
5 - BB Height 336 336 336 336
6 - BB Drop 35/32 35/32 35/32 35/32
7 - Wheelbase 1180 1205 1229 1255
8 - Head Angle 66º/65,5º 66º/65,5º 66º/65,5º 66º/65,5º
9 - Seat Angle 77º/76,5º 77º/76,5º 77º/76,5º 77º/76,5º
10 - Standover 710 736 766 776
11 - Reach 425 450 474 500
12 - Stack 604 613 627 646
13 - Fork Length 547 547 547 547

Orbea Rise color options2022 color options include Leo Orange/Black (gloss), Glitter Anthracite/Black (gloss), and Mouse Grey/Sky Blue (matte).

Similar to the M Series, the Rise H Series boasts suspension systems with 140 to 150mm front suspension options, catering to riders who enjoy blending trail and cross-country terrain. Equipped with the Shimano EP8-RS motor, renowned for its lightweight design and dependable performance, it ensures an optimal riding experience.

Why RS when other Shimano-powered bikes use a standard EP8 motor? For Orbea, it comes down to application. The Shimano EP8 RS motor features a custom tuning profile, unique to Orbea and the Rise's needs. The motor is mechanically the same, but its 60Nm torque comes on not at cadence ranges typical of other eMTBs (60 RPM) but in the 75 to 95 rpm range when the extra assist feels more natural. 

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Changes from the Rise Carbon to Rise Hydro

While you’d be forgiven for assuming the Rise H is simply an alloy version of the Rise M, there are some significant differences that need to be addressed. For starters, Orbea uses a different battery on the H Series than it does on the M series. Interestingly, the Rise H offers a higher-capacity 540Wh batter rather than the Rise Carbon’s 360Wh battery. In their presentation, Orbea cited that their top riders wanted just a bit more battery on long rides without sacrificing weight, and this does that.

The H Series battery offers enhanced efficiency, providing 1.5 times longer battery life compared to many competitors. With innovative technology, it accommodates a larger 540 Wh capacity instead of the typical 360 Wh, while maintaining a lighter weight. The Orbea Rise H battery weighs approximately 2.7 kilograms, or around 6 pounds, contributing to its improved performance.

Orbea claims the average rider can get 3,500 meters (~11,500 feet!) of climbing per charge in Eco mode, 2,000m (~6,600 ft) in Trail mode, and 1,600 (5,250 ft) meters in Boost. Lighter and/or fitter riders can expect more climbing range.

2022 orbea rise h30 bike contender bicycles front end

An available range extender battery mounts like a water bottle cage and delivers an extra 252 Wh that enables rides to last from sun up to sundown. This adds an extra 1.4 kg (~3.1 lbs), which isn't much for a whole lot more distance. Interestingly it is a different battery than the original carbon Rise M model.

Suspension kinematics and geometry are also unchanged so that you still have a comfortable riding position. Here they are shared with the carbon Rise, itself sharing much of its suspension design and kinematics with the acoustic Orbea Occam trail bike. Also shared with the Occam alloy frame are the polished welds, resulting in smooth frames that look just like the carbon models. Orbea says these welds add strength to specific joints, but we appreciate the extra work required to make the alloy frame feel special.

2022 orbea rise h30 bike contender bicycles smooth welds

While some may anticipate an alloy frame to significantly increase overall weight, Orbea asserts that the Rise H frame is nearly 2 kg (~4.4 lbs) lighter than comparable alloy eMTB frames. It's only about 100 grams (~0.2 lbs) heavier than the Occam alloy frame sans battery.

Put it all together and Orbea has the lightest alloy ebike in its class by a pretty significant margin. Compared to its carbon fiber sibling in the Orbea family, the Rise H is only 1.5 kg (~ 3.3 lbs) heavier than a Rise M with comparable components.

2022 orbea rise hydro colors blue grey orange contender bicycles

Model Overview

Speaking of components, let’s take a closer look at what you get with each model of the 2022 Orbea Rise H Series.

Rise H10 

  • The Orbea Rise H10 bike features Fox Float DPS Factory Evol Kashima shock with a Fox 34 Float Factory Kashima fork. Shimano XT 1x12 drivetrain. Raceface Turbine R30 TLR wheels and Maxxis Dissector/Rekon 2.40 tires. OC MC20 Mountain Control Dropper. This model is slated to be a limited run designed to be light and agile, similar to how the high-spec Rise M-LTD is built

Rise H15 

  • The Orbea Rise H15 bike features Fox Float X Performance shock with Fox 36 Float Performance fork. Shimano SLX/XT 1x12 drivetrain. Raceface AR30 tubeless-ready wheels with Maxxis Dissector/Rekon 2.40 tires. OC MC20 Mountain Control Dropper. This is comparable to the Rise M10, featuring a 150mm fork and beefed up 140mm shock.

Rise H30 

  • The Orbea Rise H30 bike features Fox Float Performance DPS shock with Marzocchi Bomber Z2 fork. Shimano Deore/SLX 1x12 drivetrain. OC MC20 Mountain Control Dropper. Raceface Turbine R30 TLR wheels and Maxxis Dissector/Rekon 2.40 tires.

Weighing in at 41.88 pounds (19 kg) for the H10 and 44.1 pounds (20 kg) for the H30, these e-bikes maintain a considerable weight, which can pose challenges when mounting them on a hitch rack. However, this weight tradeoff is balanced by their attractive price point and enhanced range.

Cosmetically, the Rise H looks every bit as good as the Rise M series. The aforementioned smooth welds on the frame as well as unique color schemes lend to a nice-looking ride that will catch the attention of fellow riders whether you’re cruising past them on a climb or catching your breath at the summit.

2022 orbea rise h30 bike contender bicycles shimano drive unit

A Quick Spin

Contender Bicycles has been on board the Orbea Rise hype train from Day One and we’re stoked to be among the first shops on the planet to have the new Rise H30 in stock before the official launch by Orbea.

On a quick test ride from the shop, I found the motor capable of comfortably assisting my 22.5-pound frame up some of the hills in Salt Lake City’s 9th & 9th neighborhood in both Trail and Boost mode while the Eco mode made zipping along the streets a breeze. Granted, my test ride was 98 percent pavement - I managed to ride some grass along the parking strip next to the shop - so the bike’s chops as an actual mountain bike weren’t tested in-depth, but if the Rise H is anything like the Rise M, the ride will be more than satisfactory.

2022 orbea rise h30 bike contender bicycles

Will this be your gateway to e-MTB ecstasy?

If you’re looking for a pedal assist full suspension mountain bike that’s high on quality while maintaining a moderate price, the new Orbea Rise H10, H15 and H30 should be near the top of your wish list. While the weight is as expected and a few pounds heavier than the Rise M Series line, the more efficient battery and motor will extend rides and creates a natural riding experience. Even still, Orbea claims the Rise Hydro is the lightest alloy electric mountain bike available, which makes it one of the lightest eMTBs you can find.

The two main differences are a couple of pounds and roughly $1,300* on the price tag for bikes of comparable builds. For those serious about enjoying long rides in the hills, but not married to the idea of carbon fiber bike frame and the fanciest of drivetrains, the Orbea Rise H Series checks almost all of the boxes. 

We have the Orbea Rise H in stock and ready to roll. Contact us today to learn more about electric mountain bikes from Orbea. Go electric and improve your mountain biking stoke.

*We strive for accuracy, but please note that price, inventory, and specifications are subject to change.


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