6 Items to Get You Through the Everlasting Winter

Six Items to Get You Through the Endless Mud Season

Written by Joseph Bonacci, on April 24, 2023

If you are like most of us and live in Utah, you are over the constant snowstorms mixed with rain that we keep having this late in the season. We are counting the days until we can consistently get onto the bike. So we decided to put together a list of some cool and wet weather gear that helps you deal with the inclement weather as we anxiously await nicer conditions. Luckily, Contender Bicycles has some great products in stock for this sort of weather. 

SCC Tech Ride it Clean Bike Wash


With the presence of water, grit, and salt on the roads, one of the biggest things you need is a good bike cleaner. If you let the grit build up on your bike, everything will wear out quickly. Giving your bike the love and care it needs will make your bike work better and last longer. With the SCC Tech Bike Wash you can give your bike the bath it needs. 

SCC Tech uses a non-corrosive and non-toxic formula that will not cause unnecessary wear on your components. The cleaner will work on every component on your bike, even the disc breaks and the suspension. The cleaner works well on all frame materials from carbon to titanium to aluminum. Pick up a bottle to make sure you can get through the early season this year. 

Swift Industries Kestrel Bag


One thing that is a must have for the early riding season is a bag that is able to store extra layers, snacks, or anything else you might want. The Kestrel Bag has a 2L capacity, so it is perfect for all the small things you may need. It is made from recycled plastic bottles, so every bag helps clean up the Earth a little bit more. The bag is available in multiple colors and is water resistant keeping your belongings dry. 

The Kestrel bag is compatible with Swift's Sidekick Stem Pouch enabling you to easily add storage space should you need it. The bag is easy to attach to the handlebar so installation and moving it between bikes is simple. The Swift Industries Kestrel bag is a great option for those looking to add some storage to the bike for the long season ahead.. 

Rapha Trail Windblock Jersey


When riding in cooler weather, a wind protective layer is necessary. Whether it is a cold day or if there’s some moisture, a layer to protect your body from the cold is helpful. We recommend the Rapha Trail Windblock Jersey to be your best choice for something to ride in the spring. Constructed out of merino wool, this jersey will do the job to add warmth to you on your ride. 

Rapha designed this jersey with durability and functionality in mind. The tear resistant sleeves will hold up wherever you may be riding. Rapha includes a repair kit with the jersey, so on the off-chance it does rip you won’t be left in the dark. The jersey is a great option for those looking for another layer to keep you warm. 

Giro Xnetic Trail Gloves


If there was one accessory that most of the bike industry would agree on needing, it would be gloves. A good pair of gloves will keep your fingers comfortable, but still provide enough mobility to use each lever and shifter. Our recommendation is the Giro Xnetic Trail glove, Giro’s lightweight long-finger glove. 

These gloves are not padded, so if that’s something you would want you should check out the Giro Bravo LF Gloves and if you want something with a bit more insulation and rain protection check out the Giro Xnetice H20 glove. The Xnetic Gloves are thin, so even when you are wearing them you will have high dexterity. They are long fingered with enough warmth to keep your hands comfortable, but not too thick that you will overheat on the climbs. The Xnetics are breathable when you need them to be, but insulating enough that they are a great choice for spring weather. 

Contender Lightweight Cap


A cap to go under your helmet when riding in cool weather is a necessity. You would be surprised how much warmth a thin layer of fabric on your head can provide. The Contender Lightweight Cap was specially designed to go under helmets to provide the head with warmth for every ride. The cap has a small brim as well, to help keep the sun out of your eyes. 

The Contender Lightweight Cap will be a great addition to your wardrobe, and is able to be used all year round. The cap will provide a light layer to your head and keep sweat and rain from running directly into your eyes. The Lightweight Cap is a go to for many people in this rainy season. 

Assos Spring Fall Knee Warmers


In this ever-changing season, it is hard to know whether you will be able to ride in shorts or will need to wear tights. Luckily, ASSOS makes knee warmers to make it so you don’t have to make that choice. With the knee warmers you can make sure that your legs will be warm. But don't worry if they get too hot because they can slide right on and off over your shoes. 

The knee warmers can ensure your comfort through your entire ride, and are especially useful when hitting the canyons, as you overheat on the climbs but then freeze on the descents. For people who are planning to ride in the spring, knee warmers are a must. 


With the seemingly everlasting snow/mud season that has been upon us, knowing what products to use is necessary to keeping yourself comfortable on the bike. These are all great products that we would encourage you to check out. They are all in stock at both our Park City and Salt Lake City stores and of course on contenderbicycles.com. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, feel free to call or email us.


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