Beautiful Bicycle - A Bright and Bold Pinarello Grevil

Beautiful Bicycle - A Bright and Bold Pinarello Grevil

Written by Contender Bicycles, on May 26, 2022

Custom paint is exactly what you want it to be. Sometimes you want to commemorate your dogs, or you want to match your car. Other times you want the paint scheme of one bike on a completely different frame. That’s what we did here, taking a limited-edition paint scheme from the Pinarello Dogma F8 and applying it to the new custom-painted Pinarello Grevil. 

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full frame shot of a blue and orange pinarello grevil bike in front of concrete steps

This scheme was one of two colorways offered as limited edition runs of the Dogma F8. This design in particular is called 968 Sky Orange. Being that it was a limited run this color was hard to find for the Dogma F8 but impossible to find with the Grevil, as the Grevil was never offered in this scheme. That’s where custom paint comes to fill in the gaps, though with a few caveats. This version we have here isn’t an exact match to the 968 Sky Orange scheme, but rather an inspiration. Part of that is a difference in frames; in comparison to the Grevil, the Dogma F8 is smooth and simplistic in its tube and surface shapes. Every tube shape on the Grevil curves and elevates like it's the Stelvio Pass of gravel bikes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it requires a few changes to make the scheme work with what makes the Grevil special.

A Bright and Bold Pinarello Grevil

The result of this paint scheme is in the eye of the beholder. Some here in the shop love it, others prefer something a bit more subdued. Regardless of how one might feel about it, the bike’s owner is all about it. That is the value of custom paint; you get something uniquely yours, and unlike anything else available in the market at the moment. We’re good with that.

blue and orange pinarello grevil side profile view

Here are the build specs for this custom-painted Pinarello Grevil gravel bike:


Pinarello Grevil frameset


Shimano GRX 810


Shimano GRX 812 1x


Shimano GRX 810 - 172.5mm


Wolftooth 110BCD 4-Bolt for Shimano Cranks - 42t, Shimano XT M8000 11-46t cassette


Stan’s Grail S1 - 700c


Maxxis Rambler - 700c x 40mm - 120 TPI


Shimano GRX 810


Easton EA50 - 44cm


MOST Jaguar AX - 100mm

Handlebar Tape

Supacaz Super Stick Kush - Star Fade Orange and Blue


Most Lynx Air - 145mm 


Pinarello carbon aero seatpost

 Have any questions about custom painted bikes or about the Pinarello Grevil bike? Give us a call or send us a message any time.

side profile view of handlebars, one drop bar is taped blue, the other taped orange

front wheel of blue and orange pinarello grevil

rear wheel and cassette of blue and orange pinarello grevil bike

handlebars from the view of the rider. One drop bar is taped blue, the other is taped orange.


  • Mark,
    this bike was a custom one-off build for a client who requested it. We are happy to help you find a bike that fits your riding needs though!

    Alvin - Contender Bicycles on

  • James,
    I sent you an email with greater detail on how our custom paint program works, but we are here to help you make your vision a reality! Here’s the link to some of our custom paint options –

    Alvin - Contender Bicycles on

  • Is this bike Pinnerllo in stock 58cm

    Mark Hutcherson on

  • I’m interested in custom painted bikes.

    James on

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