Introducing Cervelo

Introducing Cervelo Bikes - History, Bikes In Stock, Details

Written by Contender Bicycles, on July 13, 2022

It almost feels like Cervelo never, left but we are pleased to announce that Cervelo bikes are back at Contender Bicycles. Cervelo makes some of the most sought-after bikes in the world, all with a reputation for making riders faster. Our selection of Cervelo bikes in the shop will start with our two favorites, the Cervelo Aspero and Cervelo Caledonia.


Cervelo Bicycles - A Brief History

Cervelo will likely be forever tied to its two founders: Phil White and Gerard Vroomen. The pair founded the company together as engineering students who were both interested in bringing an data-centric approach to inform bicycle design. And to be clear, Cervelo was founded in 1995; bikes at the time looked very similar, with even early carbon frames still aping the construction and looks of steel bikes that were popular at the time. The result was the Baracchi, an acid green bike with deep, narrow tubes that look nearly as futuristic today as they did years ago. After being turned down by an array of traditional frame builders, Cervelo decided to build the bike themselves, which leads them to where the brand is today: innovative bikes developed with a data-centric approach.

Both Phil White and Gerard Vroomen have since moved on from Cervelo, but the spirit of building race-ready bikes in every discipline. White is currently the acting president of 4iii power meters, while Gerard Vroomen is in charge of OPEN bikes and 3T bikes, two of our favorite brands we carry at the shop currently. The two Cervelos we are most fond of - the Caledonia do-it-all road bike and the Aspero gravel bike - are race-ready in their own ways that benefit even the normal, everyday cyclist.

Cervelo Road Bikes

Cervelo is arguably best known for their road bikes, with their road bikes split into three versions: S-series, R-series, and the Caledonia. Each series splits their bikes up neatly to help riders decide which they need. Understand the why of each range, find the right build kit, and riders will likely find the bike they want.

Cervelo Caledonia bike at contender bicycles

The Cervelo S-series bikes are for those looking for the foremost in aero road bike technology. Aero road bikes are all about riding efficiency rather than being the lightest bike out there, but Cervelos bikes balance the two nicely. The Cervelo S5 bike is perhaps the most interesting aero road bike out there, with a unique one-piece handlebar built into a v-shaped stem and is one of the fastest bikes in the world. The Cervelo S3 bike is a bit simpler in design, swapping for a more standard stem but still retaining the full internal cable routing.

Then there is the Cervelo R-series of bikes, which is what is perhaps most likely to be found out in the pro peloton. These are the brand’s climbing bikes, the do-it-all options that love being in the mountains. These bikes are some of the lightest options you’ll find, but their options promise strong stiffness one expects from a pro-level bike. At the top of the list is the Cervelo R5 bike, which is actually less stiff riding than its predecessor as a direct request from pro racer feedback. The Cervelo R3 road bike is slightly more upright, a little more comfortable, but still willing to go fast.

Finally, there is the Cervelo Caledonia. This do-it-all road bike was designed originally as a dedicated road bike for the cobbles in Belgium, but its easy handling, tire clearance officially for a 34mm tire, and focus on durability makes this the best Cervelo bike for normal cyclists. It isn’t the lightest frame they make, nor does it have features like special flex zones or suspension. But what the Caledonia does is make pro-level bikes more approachable. Not twitchy nor slow to react, the Cervelo Caledonia is one of our favorite road bikes they offer.

Cervelo Caledonia at contender bicycles

Cervelo Gravel Bikes

What, did you think a Cervelo gravel bike wouldn’t be race-oriented? We wrote a bit on the Cervelo Aspero bike when it was first released when it sported geometry that felt closer to a road bike than the gravel bikes on the market. The Aspero prioritizes speed, agility, and efficiency overall, with quicker steering than many other gravel bikes on the market. That is offset by a low bottom bracket and longer front-center length in each size, which is where the bike’s stability comes from. Want to quiet the steering down even more? The Aspero has dual-position flip chips in the fork to customize the handling just a little bit more to the rider’s desires.

Cervelo bike at contender bicycles

If you’re looking to move off the beaten path and ride gravel roads fast, the Cervelo Aspero is the right gravel bike to choose. There are no compromises to pander to anything else. We admire a bike that knows exactly what it is, as everyone else should.

Cervelo aspero bike at contender bicycles


Cervelo bikes are some of the most tech-forward options available at anywhere. Their road bikes, aero bikes, and gravel bikes are some of most performance-focused options around and they make no exception to it. The Caledonia is perhaps the best all-around road bike around, and the the Aspero is one of the fastest gravel bikes one can find.

Have any questions about Cervelo? Let us know, either in-store or online; we'd love to help.

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