Orbea Rise vs Wild - Light Weight, Heavy Performance!

Orbea Rise vs Wild - Light Weight, Heavy Performance!

Written by Isaac Boyden, on May 10, 2023

The Orbea E mountain bikes 

Orbea has been turning out world class bikes for decades going head to head with far bigger names in the industry. So, it’s not much of a surprise that Orbea is on an admitted quest to create the perfect eMtb. That’s a lofty goal and it would certainly be hard to quantify the results of their efforts, but their approach is unique and refreshing. They have turned out two amazing machines that each target a different type of rider. Both the Rise and the Wild share Orbea’s approach of “Less E, More Bike”, but each bike targets a different type of rider. Read on to find out whether the Rise or the Wild is your perfect eMtb!

Orbea Rise vs Wild

The Orbea Wild - 170mm Fork, 160mm Rear Shock

Based off of Orbea’s dedicated enduro bike the Rallon, The Orbea Wild is for the day in, day out rock smasher. This lover of high berms and big descents most likely also has some favorite trails that aren’t lift serviced, where the assist of the Wild is appreciated. True to its enduro roots, the Wild has lots of suspension and tire to spare. With a 160mm rear shock paired to a 170mm fork, it has enough travel to eat up even the biggest rock chunks and drops you can throw at it. This bike is perfect for anyone who likes the descents the most, doesn't mind a heavier bike, and wants something that will rip you back up to the top of the hill again, feeling like a true ebike, zippy and fast. The Wild is available in both a carbon ("M" Version) frame, or an alloy-framed version ("H"). Some points to consider when comparing the Wild to the Rise: 

  • Wild is heavier
  • More torque 
  • More battery life 
  • More travel 
  • Enduro based
  • Feels like a “true” ebike 
  • 455mm reach, 64 degree head angle - Longer and slacker than the Rise 
  • Based around a Bosch motor 


Orbea Rise vs Wild

The Orbea Rise - 140mm Rear, 150mm or 140mm Front

Orbea’s Rise is all about feeling familiar, and being lightweight. With the top end Rise with the 360Wh battery weighing under 36 pounds (for a size small), a lot of analog/non-assist trail and enduro bikes weigh the same if not more. This makes for a bike that feels like home as soon as you swing a leg over it. Given its svelte weight, the Rise will feel remarkably like a traditional trail bike. The Rise is easy to steer and maneuver and you can throw it around with ease. Because of all this, the Rise doesn't handle like a normal ebike. All of this makes the Rise ideal for people who want to ride like they normally do, don't need a ton of travel, but still want to be able to do their favorite loop before the sun sets after work. If you’re a strong athlete looking to ride on a recovery day without straining yourself, or you’re simply trying to keep up with your kids, the Rise could be the answer. No matter the reason for choosing it, the Rise is a true lean, mean, trail riding machine. Like the Wild, the Rise is also available in both carbon ("M" versions) and alloy ("H" Versions). Things to consider when comparing the Rise to the Wild: 

  • Rise is lighter and more natural feeling 
  • Rise is more maneuverable 
  • Looks like a normal bike 
  • Easy to jump
  • Not as much torque
  • Not as much battery life 
  • 450mm reach, 65.5 degree head angle - shorter and steeper than the Wild
  • Based around a Shimano EP8 motor
Orbea Rise vs Wild


While you would undoubtedly be happy with either bike, they are definitely different. To sum it all up in a very oversimplified statement, the Wild is a bike to get you to the top of your chunkiest descent as fast as possible, the Rise is for someone looking to not lose the feeling of their normal bike. Both are available on our website, feel free to shop them here. Or, visit us in store in Salt Lake City with any questions.


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