Time ADHX 45 : Uncovered

TIME ADHX 45 : Uncovered

Written by Isaac Boyden, on May 21, 2024

When it comes to manufacturing frames, few do it like TIME. They are the only manufacturer who weaves their carbon sock-style over a wax mold. While making for a more time-intensive process and more expensive process, those frames leave the factory as some of the most gorgeous, flawless frames you have ever seen. TIME is very proud if this, and understandably. They are known to have paint jobs that leave portions of the frame clear-coated without color, just to show it off. But rarely do you see a frame with no paint at all. 

Time ADHX 45

This is what makes this bike so special, no paint, branding, or anything on the frame makes this TIME ADHX 45 especially unique and lets you see the true craftsmanship in this frame. This frame is what we call an RTP, or read-to-paint. Meant to be ready to go for a custom paint job, but this customer decided to leave it completely raw. Built with SRAM Force D2 drivetrain, ENVE wheels, and cockpit, and fitted with 45mm tires, this bike is ready to tackle anything. Also equipped with a second set of Oquo road wheels and a 2x drivetrain, this bike can handle long road days without feeling too cumbersome, while still being able to handle rough terrain with just a wheelset swap. Without further adieu, the bike details are as follows. 


TIME ADHX 45, Size LG, unpainted 


SRAM Force D2,  Qaurq power meter, Force brakes, 172.5 DUB Wide cranks, 160mm Centerline X rotors f/r 


48/35 chainrings, 10-36 Force cassette 


ENVE G23 carbon wheelset, ENVE Innerdrive straight-pull hubs 


Maxxis Rambler 700c x 45mm, 120 TPI


ENVE AR integrated compact, 40/45 


Deda SuperBox stem, 90mm 

Handlebar Tape

ENVE handlebar tape, Black, 3mm 


Fizik Antares R7  


ENVE 27.2, carbon, 25mm offset 


Contender Carbon cages matte, TIME Speciale 8 pedals 

Road wheelset 

(not pictured) 

Oquo RP45 LTD carbon wheels, Pirelli Cinturato 32c tires 

Top View
Deda Stem
Time Head On
Want to build a TIME ADHX 45 for yourself? Well, we can help! Chat us on our website, or call in to talk to one of our Rider Care associates today to start your dream build. 


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