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Giro Manifest Spherical Helmet

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Giro Manifest Spherical Helmet

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See our full review of the Giro Manifest Spherical Helmet, including fit and comparison to other helmets HERE.  

The Giro Manifest Spherical Helmet combines the latest in helmet safety technology with excellent ventilation and low weight. The crux of this helmet's ability is Spherical technology, which Giro calls a ball-and-socket design utilizing MIPS technology. Instead of a separate plastic slip plane inside the foam of a helmet like most MIPS systems, Spherical has two layers of foam joined by elastomers. The outer layer has a higher density EPS foam for high-speed impact, while the inner layer uses a softer foam to dissipate energy during low-speed hits. The separate layers allow the top layer to move independently of the layer closest to your head. But it also makes for plenty of other improvements over most other MIPS-equipped helmets.

To make all of this work, Giro uses a polycarbonate reinforcing arch that wraps through the center of the helmet called AURA. It provides strength to the helmet, but importantly it allows for a well-ventilated design, with myriad air channels inside that promote airflow over the head. They claim that the Manifest helmet is seven percent cooler than the Giro Montaro MIPS helmet, and nearly as well ventilated as the road-centric Giro Aether helmet. 

Elsewhere, you'll find a FidLoc magnetic chin buckle, an adjustable visor, and a micro-adjustable ratcheting dial along the back. The Manifest features a spot to securely hold your favorite sunglasses, and there's a rubber strip on the back to keep goggles in place. Finally, the Manifest helmet has hidden reflective details that are neatly hidden within the helmet's design.


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