Rapha x OPEN Limited Edition Frames In Stock Now

Written by Contender Bicycles, on September 28, 2022

Rapha and OPEN are no strangers to collaborations. Early in the inception of the original UP, OPEN and Rapha dropped a limited edition version of the bike with the quintessential pink RCC stripe over matte black. However, Rapha and OPEN are back at it again with two frames: a Rapha x OPEN UP frameset, and a Rapha x OPEN MIND frameset. We also have an UP Rapha Limited Edition Custom Bike Builder and a MIND Rapha Limited Edition Custom Bike Builder for complete bike options.

OPEN x Rapha limited edition bikes in stock contender bicycles

These will be a limited run of course, so we made sure to get a size run of each in stock. Contact us for greater availability and build options.

OPEN x Rapha Limited Edition frameset details

Why Rapha x OPEN bikes?

Rapha has 21 clubhouses around the world. Each is known as a hub for cyclists with demo bikes to explore the local areas. They’ve had just a couple of collaborations in years past, but this latest collaboration goes a bit deeper. OPEN will supply the UP gravel bike and MIND road bike, for RCC members, each with a commemorative paint scheme to designate it as a Rapha bike. 

But what if you want to have your own Rapha bike? That’s where Contender Bicycles comes in, with a small size run of framesets and complete bikes. As an official Rapha dealer, we jumped at the opportunity to bring on a few of these for sale.

Rapha x OPEN Bikes in Stock

As mentioned there are four ways to get a Rapha x OPEN bike. 

open x rapha limited edition framesets contender bicyclesOPEN UP Rapha Limited Edition Frameset. This one can be built however you want through our Custom Configurator.

OPEN MIND Rapha Limited Edition Frameset. This one can also be built however you want through our Custom Configurator.

Want one for yourself? We have you covered with framesets and complete builds to your exacting specifications. Reach out and let’s get a build started.


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