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Since introducing the first bicycle trailer in 1971, Cannondale has steadily expanded and evolved into one of the cycling industry’s largest manufacturers of performance-oriented bicycles. Innovation has always been the key ingredient behind the success of their bikes. From the first lightweight aluminum frames to non-traditional suspension designs, specifically the Lefty fork, Cannondale has always thought outside the box in relation to bicycle technology. They most recently revolutionized the cycling industry having developed BB30. Referring to the bottom bracket diameter the BB30 design, 30 mm as opposed to the earlier 24 mm standard, allows for both increased stiffness while further reducing weight. This new standard has now been widely accepted across most bicycle manufacturing.

Today, Cannondale pushes the limits of innovation by designing some of the lightest carbon fiber road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes in the world. Although they push the limits in terms of frame weight, ride quality is not merely a design after thought. Their mission is “to create innovative, quality products that inspire cyclists around the world.” Just look at the Cannondale Synapse and the 2017 Cannondale Scalpel-Si Hi Mod Race. We feel that their greatest strength comes from the production of great bicycles at every price point. With great innovation, Cannondale has great bikes with an even better price.


Cannondale Women's Trail Mountain Bike. Salt Lake City, Utah.


Cannondale SuperSix EVO Bicycle

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2017 Cannondale Quick Lifestyle Bicycle



Cannondale Women's Slice Triathlon Bike


Cannondale Street Youth Bicycle. Cannondale Kids Bike.



2017 Cannondale Contro E Speed Electric Bicycle


The All New Cannondale SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod

The best just got a whole lot better.

All-new 2017 Cannondale SuperSix EVO HiMod Disc

Cannondale’s SuperSix Evo was released to much fanfare when it first came to the market. Touted as the lightest production bike, the SuperSix also quickly gained praise for its impeccable handling and superb ride quality. That was four years ago, and with so many rave reviews it is no wonder the team at Cannondale took so long to release an update.

In the years since the initial introduction of the SuperSix Evo, some manufacturers have been able to produce slightly lighter bikes and a wave of “aerodynamic” designs have propagated across the industry leaving many to wonder if Cannondale would follow suit by refining the SuperSix Evo to drop a few grams and introduce a new line of aero bikes. Instead, Cannondale decided to utilize their engineering prowess to turn the brand new SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod into the ultimate all-around road bike. To start, Cannondale integrated their SAVE technology, developed for the endurance oriented Synapse, to the SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod’s rear and completely redesigned the fork to enhance compliance and comfort. A stiffer headtube and steertube design as well as a larger, BB30a, bottom bracket bring increase power transfer by enhancing stiffness at these locations 12% and 11% respectively. Cannondale claim they could have increased these number even more, however it would have adversely effect the ride quality they were seeking. Since aerodynamics have become such an important aspect in modern bicycle design Cannondale did introduce new tube shapes to enhance aerodynamics over the older SuperSix.

What resulted from this four year lag, between the introduction of the SuperSix Evo and this much anticipated update, is what many in the industry are dubbing “the best all-around round road bike.” While the frame weight went up slightly, frameset (frame, fork and headset) came down putting the new SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod firmly in the echelon of lightest production road frames (contrary to what the manufacturers would have you believe it’s hard to truly pin this down). Most importantly enhanced stiffness, compliance and aerodynamics result in a bike with near psychic handling, so you can confidently dive into corners at speed and be comfortable enough that rough roads and hours in the saddle won’t destroy your body so you are ready to hammer as hard at the end of the ride as the beginning.

The Cannondale Scalpel-Si

XXC: adding an X for an extreme cross-country ride.

All-new 2017 Cannondale Scalpel SI Team

Cannondale’s 2016 line of mountain bikes is one of the most exciting new lineups of bikes from any manufacturer on the market. With the original “quiver-killing” Trigger (capable of switching rear travel and bike geometry at the flick of a switch to meet the demands of the trail) Cannondale already had a solid array of mountain bikes. For 2016 Cannondale entered the wide tired mountain bikes with their Fat CAAD fat tire bikes, the Beast of the East hardtail and Bad Habit full suspension 27.5 Plus bike. Perhaps the most anticipated addition to this line up came in the mid-season release of the 2017 Cannondale Scalpel-Si mountain bike.

When the rumor mill started that an update to the Cannondale Scalpel was on the horizon, we anxiously anticipated more details as to how Cannondale would take the Scalpel platform to the next level. Even though the Scalpel had been a tried and true performer over the years, the model was certainly due for a refresh. Luckily in early summer 2016, the 2017 model year Cannondale Scalpel-Si finally came to market. At first glance the Scalpel-Si appears to share the same bones as it’s predecessor but the Scalpel-Si is a vastly different bike.

The first major change comes with the Si design of Asymmetric Integration which was first incorporated in the Cannondale F-Si. The chain stays have shortened to 435mm providing a more responsive and agile rear end. In order to accommodate this, Si design shifts the drivetrain outboard by 6mm. The rear wheel has zero dish essentially bringing the rim 6mm opposite. This enables a stiffer wheel which tracks straight and provides more tire clearance. The front end changes quite a bit as well. With a slacker head tube angle (69.5 degrees versus the previous 71.2 degrees) and 55mm of offset, the Scalpel-Si transitions from a straight down the line xc race machine to a more well rounded do-it-all rig.

Staying true to the Scalpel heritage, the new version retains the flexing seatstay. Plus if it is a Cannondale then of course it has to be light. The carbon frame weighs in at a little over 2.1kg which includes the shock, rear axle, seat post and hydraulic line for the lockout. All models include a molded carbon rocker link to lighten the load even more. Other highlights include an ingenious way the rear shock tucks into the top tube and a Shimano Di2 battery holder in the top tube to enable a dropper post and Di usage.

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